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NRL #NRLBANDWAGON - We Are Social China




When the Finals roll around, half of all NRL fans are no longer excited as their team didn’t make the top eight. They’re out of the comp. The NRL wanted a way to excite and engage fans who no longer had a team to cheer for.


Once your team’s been eliminated, you have every right to jump on another, more successful team. There’s always that other team you have a soft spot for. And that other team you would never in a million years support.


Introducing the #NRLBandwagon - a chance for fans of loser unlucky teams to jump ship, just for the finals. Through a series of social posts, we asked fans to nominate their bandwagon team, created a guide for how to pick your second team and even got the captains of the top eight teams to make video sales pitches to fans for why they should pick their team. We rewarded the best responses with free tickets to support their new (second) favourite team and through some creative community management, even managed to get some of the most diehard fans to get behind a second team. The campaign ran throughout the finals period, with content tailored to the outcome of the games as additional teams were eliminated.

  • 700k video views generated on social
  • 24k engagements on social media
  • 8,704 previously disengaged fans chose a #NRLBandwagon team to get behind for the finals