Acer Predator is one of the most reliable gaming brands offering premium desktop computers and laptops. Intending to expand Acer Predator’s already established ‘Predatorverse’ further to celebrate the strength of the tribe, the campaign also had as objective to specifically highlight the Predator range’s unique heat-battling technology, tackling a common problem for hardcore gamers.


As gaming has developed from entertainment solely focusing on single-player achievements, today it’s all about playing together with your friends, the tribe. Esports and Let’s Play videos are making gaming into a social and immersive experience where the best moments are experienced together with others.


Made in collaboration with Zombie Studios and Final Frontier, the spirit of Acer Predator’s 2019 Summon Your Strength video campaign is one of adventure and inclusiveness, the opportunity for gaming to offer adventure and a sense of community. The CGI-made campaign video is packed with action to truly capture the intense moments only found in games. We follow five Predators, the tribe, with their unique powers, to fight against an army of 5000 enemies. The enemies, consuming planets until nothing is left, represent the very problem of over-heating. Our tribe is here to stop them. It’s time to summon your strength.

To let our fans to join the protagonists, we went beyond the launch campaign video and summoned our tribe around the world using Facebook AR filter and face paint motif with “join your tribe” theme. The result is a strengthening of the bond between the Predator brand and its loyal tribe of gamers.