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Who is your favorite elderly KOL on social media and why?

Xiaoxiang Cao
Account Manager / We Are Social


Social media is foremost for young people, so obviously, an elderly influencer must get accepted and liked by them to be successful. @局座张召忠 (Zhaozhong Zhang), a retired Navy vice admiral, connects with this much younger audience with a self-deprecating and humorous style while showing a more personal side of himself. It is hard for elderly KOLs who only shows talents or life moments to stay popular, however, sharing interesting insights that can engage the audience is more likely to be followed more consistently. 

Reece Xiang
Senior Account Executive / We Are Social


My favorite elderly KOL is @我是田姥姥,an elderly woman who shares her life with her grandchildren. She has a very outgoing and positive personality, making her closely relatable to younger people. Also, in combination with the typical sense of humor that Northeasterns typically have, her videos deliver so much joy and happiness to everyone. 

Regina Zhou
Account Executive / We Are Social


My favorite older KOL is "grandma" (ID: weixiunainai) on Douyin. The first video I saw of her showcased her in a traditional Chinese clothing show, wearing a traditional Chinese dress of the Ming Dynasty which won many people's love. As a previous Beijing Opera actress, her personality is typically kind and elegant. Her style is positive while capturing a fashion avant-garde spirit. With her fashion sense that other elders can be inspired by, she has great opportunities to create her own fashion brand.

Cassie Ma
Account Executive / We Are Social


My favorite elderly KOL is @耀阳他姥爷, who post uplifting and amusing life moments together with his grandchildren. His Northeastern dialect and life together with his grandchildren make the content very heartwarming. Also, his style of clothing and way of communication is very unique compared to the general perception of the elderly being conservative. He is more acceptable among young people and easier to resonate with them. As the audience, it's enjoyable to take a step away from my busy life and relax together with his videos.

Momo Man
Creative Group Head / We Are Social


Ma Weidu, the founder and curator of Guanfu museum, is my favorite elderly KOL on social media. Even though he is not a professional historian or collector, however, he positions himself very clearly as a typical local Beijing native that is very characteristic and vivid. He uses an easy-to-understand way of communication to deliver cultural and historical stories to his audience, helping people to shape a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture.