Last week's hottest news and trends from Chinese social media and digital space.

Short-video platforms are shaping Gen Z consumer behaviors

Douyin and TikTok got the world’s youth hooked on compelling and digestible content during 2020. They’re not just changing the landscape of communication, but also influencing the tastes and habits of their younger audience. Jingdaily explores how these platforms are changing the younger audience’s behaviors. 

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This is what the Chinese searched on during 2020

This year was life-changing with old structures rapidly overturned by endless breaking news happening throughout the year, such as the pandemic, environmental disasters, Mars travels, and more. Looking back to 2020, what do you remember and what has struck you the most? ChinaSkinny lists the most searched keywords to give you some clues into the thoughts and interests of Chinese consumers during 2020.

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Chinese social media stars using their influence for good in 2020

As social media becomes increasingly dominant in people’s lives, we begin to see more and more social media celebrities take the responsibility of using their fame positively to influence others. Check out how some of China’s biggest stars have actively supported social issues.

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Global luxury brands’ next step in China

This year under the influence of pandemic, luxury brands, who once resisted to go online for keeping a high-end and exclusive brand image, started to see new opportunities from e-commerce platforms. Gucci is the first to launch its online ready-to-wear and beauty store TMall. Starting to become accessible in the digital space, where does the future hold for global luxury brands?

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阅读更多 established Organic Alliance to boost healthier and safer food

One of the biggest e-commerce giants in China,, is tapping into the booming industry of organic food in China by launching Organic Alliance, the first-ever organic food partnership with Chinese brands. The alliance is formed in response to the rising demand of consumers seeking safer and healthier organic food and lifestyles.

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