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What’s your favorite Christmas campaign film of the year?

Savy Liu
Creative Group Head / We Are Social

《圣诞节,John Lewis向全世界比心》

Even though the ad explores a very emotional and sensational topic, John Lewis' "Give a little love" used multiple different art styles mixed and matched together. 2D and 3D space are well blended to resonate with the audience's feelings. This is very appreciated because right now we need ads that can heal us and cheer us up now when 2021 is finally coming!


Ziyang Li
Senior Copywriter / We Are Social


This Christmas Hermes launched a very artistic and creative ad. The ad showcase several Christmas scenes using Hermes products and miniature characters. A scarf became a mountain to ski on, a bracelet became a skiing rink, and more. It beautifully stimulates your imagination while capturing an artistic atmosphere. Through the different scenarios and using suitable music, Hermes creates a Christmas festival that's pleasing for the eye. Without using any brand ambassadors or celebrities, this ad displays high-class aesthetics.


Yujie Zhai
Senior Copywriter / We Are Social


Hermes made a beautiful and artistic Christmas ad this year. The ad uses scarves, shoes, and other Hermes products, combining with miniatures to build a fantasy world. The Lights, scenes, and composition of the video create a warm winter Christmas atmosphere that's a joy and opportunity to heal for the audience. Softness and warmth are marketing approaches brands often use during Christmas. However, Hermes, this year utilized its incomparable attainment in aesthetics and presented its products in artistic ways, making it the most memorable Christmas ad of the year.


Leeya Liu
Copywriter / We Are Social

我喜欢麦当劳的圣诞广告片。圣诞节总是与温暖、童话这类词联系在一起,所以通过制作精良的动画来表达这类主题是一个好方式。Inner child这个洞察也独辟蹊径,更加切合现在年轻人的状态。同时通过情绪上反差的,更能凸显圣诞有麦当劳陪伴的温暖。

I was most impressed by McDonald's Christmas ad, "Inner Child". As always, Christmas is connected with warmth and fairytales, so expressing it with a well-produced animation is always a good choice. The idea of the inner child is also special and unique enough to imply what younger generations these days live through. At the same time, McDonald’s value of warmth as a Christmas companion is also highlighted in the demonstration of different emotions shared by the characters.


Emily Zhang
Copywriter / We Are Social

John Lewis x Waitrose: Give A Little Love 。我喜欢John Lewis 携手旗下超市品牌 Waitrose,推出的圣诞广告片。这则广告片使用了多种艺术元素:黏土、手绘、羊毛毡、3D……。讲述虽然世界在变,但一颗爱心在不同的梦幻世界里连结着同一份爱,爱始终没有发生变化,生活中的每个小小细节都在让爱延续。在今年特殊的情况下,这则短片为所有人送上了温暖,也告诉人们:付出小小一点爱,世界将会有更多的爱。快来感受爱呀。

I really liked John Lewis's Christmas ad together with its supermarket brand Waitrose, called "Give A Little Love". The ad used several visual techniques, such as clay, sketching, wool, 3D, etc, to tell a story about how love connects us all. Even though the world is changing, the power of love remains the constant element through life. With the pandemic in mind, this video spreads warmth and acts as a reminder to care for each other, and how the world becomes more lovely when you give away a little bit of love.