Last week's hottest news and trends from Chinese social media and digital space.

WeChat expands its marketing and e-commerce tools

Tencent keeps releasing new functionalities to help marketers reach out to their consumers easier. After Tencent acquired the Chinese search engine Sougou, we now see search capabilities not only on WeChat’s Discovery tab but also available within chat windows. WeChat has also released the ability to redirect users using #hashtags.
为了帮助营销方更容易接触到他们的目标消费者,腾讯持续地发布了一些新功能。在腾讯收购中国本土搜索引擎搜狗之后,我们发现微信的搜索功能不仅出现在搜索栏里,也可以在聊天窗口中使用。除此之外,微信团队还开发了使用#标签 来重新定向用户的功能。

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Douyin’s new anti-fraud system aims to stop fake traffic

TikTok owner ByteDance has doubled down on its efforts against fake traffic on its Chinese short-video app, Douyin. Its new anti-fraud system can identify fake accounts automatically. It is said to be at least 100 times more efficient than traditional methods.

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阅读更多 is the first online mall to test China’s new cryptocurrency

China’s new digital yuan is close to being fully realized. announced it will become China’s first online mall to use the new digital yuan, a cryptocurrency backed by the central bank. In the pilot program customers in Shenzhen will be able to pay for certain items with this new currency.

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Douyin is one of the highest-grossing apps in November worldwide

Tiktok is reported to be the top-grossing non-gaming app worldwide with more than 123 million USD in user spending. The majority of the revenue comes from the Chinese version, Douyin.

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China’s idol factory is changing the idea of female figures on TV

With trending female talent shows like Youth With You 2 and Sister Who Make Wave, more discussions about the representation and inclusion of female figures on TV are bubbling up. PanDaily explores the new idol factory of China and women’s role in media.
随着《青春有你2》及《乘风破浪的姐姐》等热门女性选秀类节目的播出,有关女性在电视节目中表现的讨论也越来越多。PanDaily 深入研究了中国最新的偶像产业以及女性在媒体中扮演的角色。

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