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How can luxury brands turn live-streaming into a premium experience?

Rachel Zheng
Senior Account Manager / We Are Social


I believe it's extremely important that luxury brand's live-streams keep the high-end visual consistency, combining popular technologies and tech-trends. For instance, the Dior spring-summer campaign utilized 360° panorama visual effects as well as using an immersive live-conference by Helena Rubinstein, a high-end makeup brand, that successfully took leverage of both green screen and 3D lighting. It enriched the audience with a refreshing experience, but also made people almost consider it as "black magic".

Ashley Wu
Senior Account Manager / We Are Social

首先, 直播中出现的KOL和名人大咖必须与品牌高端基调和风格保持一致,才能提供给(观众)一场高端体验。其次,直播这种创新性方式也能够创造一种优质氛围。例如,迪奥现场直播的时装秀通过向观众传达观看高端时装秀的优质体验,树立了一个完美的榜样。最后,对于奢侈品来说,直播平台的选择也很关键。因为很少有品牌会考虑快手作为传递优质体验的平台。

First of all, the KOLs/celebrities featured in the live-streaming have to be aligned with the premium brand tone and manner to provide a premium experience. Secondly, the creative way of live-streaming can also create a high-end atmosphere. For example, the Dior live-streaming fashion show has set a perfect example by transporting the premium experience of watching a high-end fashion show to audiences. Last but not the least, the choice of live-streaming platforms also matters when it comes to luxury brands as not many brands would consider Kuaishou to be the right platform to convey the premium experience.

Howie Jiang
Account Manager / We Are Social


I think luxury brands should focus on the 'experience' and dialogue with consumers during live-streams, rather than loads of aggressive sales information. That's how you create more engaging and fun content utilizing the live-stream format. For example, live-streams can be used for highlighting a luxury brand's pop-up store or major events so more customers can be involved online that may have limited ability to experience the brand. Additionally, live-streams can take leverage of AR features using different brand elements and further showcase the brand DNA.

Jackie Zhang
Associate Account Manager / We Are Social


First of all, luxury brands should not try to adapt to the live-streaming format. They should maintain their brand spirit and premium image by using live-streaming as a broadcasting method, for example creating an online showcase room, in which they can still do T-walks and other traditional displays. Every time the models walk to the camera, users can click on the items and buy them. 

For example, ICY created a digital fashion festival to reveal its 2020AW series which was greatly successful.