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Now when big celebrities are moving to live-streaming, which one is doing best?

Robert Li
Senior Copywriter / We Are Social


Comedy and shopping work great together. Jin Jing, who is known for her lively improvisation on the Dragon TV program "Golden Night", is now a true e-commerce live-streamer. With her characteristic as a Shanghai comedian and feminine identity, she brings a more intimate live-shopping experience. Her topics are mainly inspired by real-life and there are no fake, non-authentic contents, which makes this type of Live Shopping much more interesting.

Gomi Gao
Senior Copywriter / We Are Social


The surprise of this year's live broadcasts started with Luo Yonghao, founder of the smartphone band Smartisan, joining TikTok.

Popular as one of the first internet celebrities by hammering Siemens for their bad quality products, his "Make A Friend" live-broadcast attracted a large number of male followers.

I think some of his success factors are; 1) how his promotional materials always focus on the theme "Make a friend" with half price for the audience, 2) after a PR incident during the sales festival 520 surrounding a flower shop he promoted, he showcased his quality as a seller by his fast reaction and eagerness to fix the problem for his viewers. The incident even made some people claim that buying flowers from Lao Luo was the best investment in May.

Go read about the incident on


Leeya Liu
Copywriter / We Are Social


There have been so many celebrity live streaming cases that did not succeed as expected.  Some celebrities who usually seem to be very popular entered the platform with pretty poor results with live broadcasting. This somehow proved that not all celebrities are suitable for live broadcasting. From the cases of many domestic celebrities getting into the live broadcasting business, the hottest celebrities with many loyal fans have the best effect and the fans will pay for their presence. I think Xiao Zhan was a good fit for live streaming (before his major accident involving his fans). There is also another kind of celebrity who is more down-to-earth and closer to people such as Wang Zulan, and it looks like they’ve used the products advertised during the live broadcast and the result also comes out pretty good.

Emily Zhang
Copywriter / We Are Social

几个兄弟+魔术展示+粉丝互动+30min = 2000万的礼物+无数明星自来水

As the Chinese saying goes: Magicians that can't perform on stage are not true stars.
For the King of live broadcast, I chose the magician/singer/actor Jay Chou!
His debut live show included everything; his friends + a magic show + fan interactions + giveaways worth 20 million RMB + bunch of celebrities spontaneously joining in.
Funny enough, he just wanted to show people he has not gotten fat.