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What can brands learn from the hype of the new TV show ‘Nothing But Thirty' (三十而已)?

Vera Lu
Account Executive / We Are Social

这部电视剧聚焦了女性30岁这个敏感的年龄节点,一定程度上反应了当下社会中女性的处境,尤其地贴近现实,让大家看到了这个年龄段最真实的状态 “现实的婚姻矛盾,孩子的教育,职场的斗争,个人职业发展等问题”观众或多或少能引起共鸣。我认为品牌在与用户沟通时,还是要接地气,触达TA的痛点,才能真正引起TA的情感共鸣。

This TV show can resonate with the sensitive elements of women facing the age of 30, which is a reflection of the current society of China. It succeeds in capturing how it is in reality, thus giving the audience a chance to understand what issues this age group is facing, e.g real marriage conflicts, children’s education, workplace struggles, personal career development, and other issues. Brands should always be grounded and touch their target audience's pain points when communicating to customers, to truly create emotional resonance.

Reece Xiang
Account Executive / We Are Social


You know what, I didn't follow this TV series myself, but for this kind of popular IP, I think the TV series marketing logic behind it is worth our attention. Take the launch of KAN'S in "Nothing But Thirty" as an example. On the one hand, there are product placements in the TV series, and invites actors to shoot inserted advertisements to strongly recommend the selling points of the products; on the other hand, the brand and products are constantly exposed through massive hard-sell advertising. Furthermore, the series of TV series, stars, social media, e-commerce platforms, live broadcasts, and other dimensions is well connected, which not only makes the brand get high exposure and heated discussion time and again, but the result is a deep product positioning in consumers' minds.

Lucille Li
Account Executive / We Are Social


I think the biggest success factor of ‘Nothing But Thirty' is that this series truly captures the pain points of the female audiences' desire for self-realization in a social environment where they might be limited, as well as people's curious eyes for mature women. Secondly, clips from the series are discussed online, where the audience is in heated debates about women's position in society. Last but not least, the frequent (and annoying) paid hot hashtag on Weibo had a great effect. Brands can expect great results following these three elements of communication.

Regina Zhou
Account Executive / We Are Social


From the perspective of the title and the role setting, ‘Nothing But Thirty' has firmly grasped the hot topics of women's issues, such as the choice between career and family, how to get along with your husband, the realization of women's self-value, etc. In terms of the set-up, however, ‘Nothing But Thirty' falls into the conventional pattern of urban romance. Instead of deep into these topics, the director offers only superficial answers with dramatic conflicts. Nevertheless, judging by the online buzz, ‘Nothing But Thirty' was definitely a successful work. Whether you agree or disagree with the protagonist's approach, support, or object to the views in the drama, those scenarios can give you something to say, and that's enough.