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What stat/trend stood out the most from Digital 2020 July Statshot, and why?

James Zhang
Group Account Director / We Are Social


The report showcases how the internet has become a humanized and personalized part of people's lives. We're not just talking about more people using it, but it’s an increase of emotional dependence on the internet. We are moving from the early usage where the internet was not more than an instrument to today when it has a dialogue-based and humanized relationship to us.

Dickens Dong
Senior Account Director / We Are Social


COVID-19 highlights how digital adoption is going faster and faster. Before, we could expect "first-movers" or hard-core pros leading new trends. Now, it's the general public, normal people like you and me, that embrace digitalization, making it ours, and creating and demanding true change. In the future, when digitalization will be integrated at a much bigger degree, the general public will have more expectations of digital services/products. They'll start thinking digital and realizing how connected/internet-powered technologies can make things easier and faster.

Amber Yu
Account Director / We Are Social


I think the most exciting trend from our report is the importance of social during COVID-19. Like everyone else, I experienced the pandemic wave from my home, where social became a central point in my life. Most of all, it gave me the chance to connect with family, just like what the report shows. I could receive first-hand information about my loved ones from WeChat Moments, and Weibo kept me up-to-date about the developments of the pandemic. What makes this part of the report special for me, is how I can see my own life in the numbers.

Dominic Lytwyn
Associate Account Director / We Are Social


The trend of how people search
for information on brands and products reflects the growing functionality of
social media platforms, which are creating an all in one service.

On platforms like TikTok and
Instagram you can learn about the brand story, view live streams of products,
video reviews, and an option to buy all in one place….. So why would you use

In China, we have seen this trend over the last 2 years with the rise of super apps in which the full shopping process, including payment wallet, is completed on one app. If the fall of Baidu in the Chinese market is anything to go by, Google should be worried.

Rose Yin
Associate Account Director / We Are Social

今天我们有Pinterest Lens,Google lens,甚至百度和淘宝上也提供了图片搜索的功能。随着越来越多的平台提供这一选项,可视化搜索已经变得逐渐流行起来。用户只需拍一张照片,就可以在网上找到可以买到的商品,或者用它来发现类似的产品。这样的方法很简单,甚至都不需要知道产品的名称。一些品牌可以通过视觉搜索趋势来创造新的爆品,不断吸引新客户,从而找到竞争优势。

Today we have Pinterest Lens, Google lens, and even image search on Baidu and Taobao. Not surprisingly, the visual search has become popular nowadays with more and more platforms offering this option. Users can just take a photo of an item and find where they can buy it online, or use it to discover similar types of products. No need to even know the name of the product. It's just simple. Brands might even be able to find a competitive edge by leveraging visual search trends in 2020 to attract new customers and discover the perfect product online.