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Tencent launches e-commerce feature

WeChat is pushing further into e-commerce with its new mini-program “WeStore”, which position WeChat in direct competition with Alibaba,, and Pinduoduo. The mini-program offers companies the opportunity to list products, order management, payment, logistics, etc.
微信正通过其新推出的微信小程序“ WeStore”进一步推动电子商务发展,该程序将直接投入与阿里巴巴,京东和拼多多的竞争中。 这个小程序为用户提供了产品展示,订单管理,付款,物流等等服务。

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Bilibili launches tool to connect brands and creators

Bilibili is launching a new matchmaking platform called Sparkle, or Huahuo, to help brands and agencies connect with the platform’s 1.8 million monthly active creators. 

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Weibo aims to stop extreme celebrity fan cultures

It has been several cases of extreme fan culture incidents in the last few months, most notably when fans of Chinese actor Xiao Zhan got the popular site AO3 blocked in China. Now, Weibo has announced it will make extra effort to curb extreme fan culture and battling between different fan clubs. The platform will capture and publish bad behavior and announce new rules.
在过去的几个月中,发生了几起极端粉丝文化事件。值得注意的是,中国演员肖战的粉丝行为导致热门网站AO3被封锁。 现在,微博宣布将加大力度遏制极端粉丝文化,并在不同的粉丝站之间进行打压。 该平台将查获并公开此类不良行为并宣布新规则。

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阅读更多: combines e-sports and e-commerce in a new partnership

With 470 million e-sports consumers, it's no surprise the e-commerce industry is tapping into this hot business. has signed a strategic partnership with Tencent’s e-sports league, King Pro League (KPL), to launch several e-commerce initiatives including unique e-sports merch and live-stream gaming directly on the platform.
电子竞技拥有4.7亿用户,电子商务行业进入这一热门行业也就不足为奇了。 京东已与腾讯的电竞联盟King Pro League(KPL)签署了战略合作伙伴关系,以启动多项电子商务计划,其中包括直接在平台上发布独特的电竞商品和直播游戏。

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A quick guide of how to use emojis in China

Confused about Chinese characters? Well, in China even the emojis require translation. CGTN goes through all the hidden meanings of WeChat’s emojis so you can avoid any potential misunderstandings. You can thank us later.
对中国符号感到困惑?是的,在中国甚至表情符号都需要翻译。 CGTN包含了微信表情符号的所有隐藏含义,因此您可以避免任何可能存在的误解。

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