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What coverage about BLM have you seen on Chinese Social Media?

West Xu
Senior Account Manager / We Are Social


The tag #BlackLivesMatter on Weibo has already received 27 million views and 15 thousand comments. Most comments are positive with support from netizens including major accounts and KOLs. Users have shown an understanding of the ongoing protests and marches on Douyin as well. But on some social media platforms, the focus of chaos and conflict has caught people's attention, including robbed banks, smashed stores, etc, which is contrary to the original intention of BlackLivesMatter.

Rachel Zheng
Senior Account Manager / We Are Social

关于BLM话题我发现很多国内的媒体和KOL都会发声,或同步海外游行的现场情况,或发表自己的观点。相反,大部分品牌社交账号却选择沉默,例如Blackout Tuesday海外品牌账号都会发black post,中国品牌账号却大部分没有响应这一举动。这与跨国的文化差异也有关,国内的品牌往往在种族、文化方面的态度更谨慎、更模棱两可。

Domestic media and KOLs have spoken up about the BLM issue aligned with the ongoing protests and parades overseas. In contrast, most Chinese social accounts of brands chose to keep silent, while their global counterparts were active. For example, accounts of oversea brands posted black pictures on Blackout Tuesday, while most brand accounts on Chinese social media didn’t respond to the movement. This is related to the cultural differences between regions. Domestic brands have a more cautious attitude on racial and cultural issues.

Ashley Wu
Senior Account Manager / We Are Social

在正在进行的“黑人的命也是命”抗议活动中,中国有两种类型的报道。第一种是关注有关抗议的运动,如George Floyd、Amy Cooper等。第二种是关注明星的发声、观点或娱乐行业采取的行动。

During the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, there have been two types of coverage in China. Firstly, focus on the movement surrounding the protests, George Floyd, Amy Cooper, etc. Secondly, focus on celebrity announcements and opinions or actions taken by the entertainment industry. 

Interestingly, the first type of coverage has moved the discourse into highlighting not just Black Lives Matters, but ALL LIVES MATTER. For the second type of coverage, audiences have reacted to the entertainment industry being overly politically correct. It's clear that audiences have different expectations of what and where content should come from to be perceived as authentic.

Rachel Mei
Account Manager / We Are Social

最近在各个社交媒体上都看到了很多关于black lives matter的报道,其中微博以新闻报道为主,微信和知乎会偏向深度分析,抖音会以较有冲击力的视频片段来吸引大家。主流的媒体基本对事件进行报道,不太会引导人们的价值观,话题基本集中在事态的发展,但是在不同的社交媒体上的用户会有各种各样的声音。


All Chinese social media has been covering the current Black Lives Matter movement in the US, with Weibo focusing on news reports, WeChat and Zhihu focusing on deep analysis, while Douyin attracts people’s attention with impactful videos. Mostly they are just informing how the issue is developing, while some users share their opinions about the matter.

The KOL Jerry Kowal, an American food blogger in China, has impressed me greatly with his content surrounding the current movement. He has even been picked up by the national TV channel, CCTV. His most heated video related to the event was named “Why the death of an African-American caused larger social effects than 100,000 deaths of the pandemic ?” which received more than 10 million views online. His videos invited foreigners to share their opinions and shed light on the issues sincerely and neutrally. He neither hides weaknesses of his country nor blindly praises China to please fans in China.

Hal Chan
Associate Account Manager / We Are Social

社交媒体在这个话题上发挥了很大作用。Lady Gaga和Ariana Grande等名人通过不同渠道如YouTube、Instagram和Twitter发声。这不仅在美国境内,也在中国引发了讨论。人们在在公共领域社交媒体,如微博,和私域社交媒体,如微信,加入讨论并支持该运动。我很期待看到更多在社交媒体发展下的全球活动。

I’m seeing Social Media played a huge part in this issue. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande spoke out through multiple forms like YouTube Video, Instagram, and Twitter. And this not only sparked a conversation within the States but also Chinese Audiences. With Public Domain Social Media like Weibo as well as Private Domain Social Media like WeChat, people are getting involved in the conversation and supporting the movement. And I’d like to see more of this global action with the advancement of Social Media.