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Walk us through the best Douyin video you’ve ever seen

Claire Ren
Senior Account Executive / We Are Social


My favorite video follows a blogger during three funny scenarios from his life of a bachelor. It is funny and sweet, and you will feel happy after watching it. In the third scenario, he nicely includes McDonald's classic Big Mac as part of the final hilarious moments. The whole video is compact and filled with brilliantly executed jokes and punch lines.


Lizzie Yu
Account Executive / We Are Social


This rapper uploaded an adaptation of the final song from 'My Fair Princess' in the form of rap. The lyrics are very rhyming and interesting. Also, his style is simple but catchy, where he also uses different hot topics. Btw, this rapper is a genius to integrate brands into the lyrics when he does cooperations with them. Worth watching!


Vin Lu
Account Executive / We Are Social

让我感觉很有趣的抖音视频来自Dior 520告白气球挑战,以红唇穿越画面上的层层告白气球,解锁爱意值的互动小游戏,随时随地轻松玩趣!

Dior launched a great video on Douyin with a "Confession Balloon Challenge" for the Chinese 520 Valentine's day. Red lips are used to unlock the value of love by passing through confession balloons layer by layer, so it is very easy to play. Currently, the challenge has generated 770 million views, which shows how simple and relaxing type of interactive content can effectively attract young target groups to participate.


Reece Xiang
Account Executive / We Are Social

Luckincoffee #刘昊然劝我多喝拿铁#

Luckin Coffee launched an ad with the star, Haoran Liu, which is a great example of a short, smooth, and rapid type of content that is needed on Douyin. The ad taps into the pain points of today's young adults, and it does so with a quick and rhythmic pace that truly captures the attention of the viewer and deepens the brand awareness for Luckin Coffee. And it's great to see how an ad succeeds in using the attraction of a star in the right way.


Lucille Li
Account Executive / We Are Social

抖音里我的最爱还是韩国饶舌歌手ZICO上传的爆红舞蹈视频Any Song!!可爱又上头,已经获赞141w,抖音模仿人数超过8.4w。这一类型轻松好玩易上头的歌曲,诸如之前钉钉的“你钉起来真好看”,阿华田的“酷脆之歌”。都极易在年轻一代中形成病毒式的疯狂传播。同时也了暗示我们品牌和歌手舞者跨界合作的无限可能性。

My favorite video on Douyin is the "Any Song", which is a popular dance video uploaded by ZICO, a Korea rapper.  This video is cute and entertaining with over 1.41 million likes. Even better, the video has over 840,000 videos of people imitating the dance. These types of loose and funny songs, including songs like "You are beautiful when you log into DingDing" for the DingDing app, and "The Song of Crunchy Spread" by the brand Ovaltine, is very easy to spread quickly among the young generation. Simultaneously, it implies that there are infinite possibilities for brands to do great cross-cooperations with singers and dancers.