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The popular social media platform bilibili’s ‘The Next Wave: A speech by bilibili for the new generation’ campaign video created an intense debate on social media.

Watch the video here

Why did bilibili's latest video go viral?

Nate Lei
China Region Group Creative Director / We Are Social


The video went viral because, simply, it fits the practices of the Internet. The Internet is not about objectiveness, fairness, or care, but search for user traffic, controversies, and exposures. Like it or not, you are already a part of its machinery. That leads to the question of whether the current Internet environment in China is truly getting better? Fanaticism and silence, entertainment to death, anti-intellectualism and insanity, more ignorance due to lack of insights, and narrower ideologies. Ultimately, every person is affected by trends of the masses, becoming a silent bubble, not speaking up.

Heero Zhu
Creative Director / We Are Social


Fortunately, my WeChat moment has been “bombed” by this video on May 4th, the day that belongs to the youth. 

As a hardcore ACGN platform (Anime, Comic, Game, Novel), bilibili is always a hot topic when it launches new posts or videos, mostly because it recognizes the social influence of young people in the future and encourage them to be themselves. But what made this video stand out, is how non-bilibili it is. Where's the classic ACG dance? No hot-blood videos? It took me by surprise for sure like many others. 

Savy Liu
Creative Group Head / We Are Social


First of all, the video stands out due to the narrator, He Bing, who uses a traditional Chinese narrative style, which is extremely unusual in how the communication towards young people normally is conducted. This distinctive contrast is a fresh approach while making young people feel respected. 

The way esports, cosplay, extreme sports, travel, and other interests are acknowledged by showing the devotion and passion among the youth also evokes a strong sense of pride.

Then I think the failure of accurately portraying the life of the youth of China is a reason people have reacted so strongly. The bilibili video only highlights young people from middle-class families.

Wenshuang Li
Creative Group Head / We Are Social


Like other controversial videos describing the current era, it always creates two factions of voices; one agrees with the video and feels recognized, then reposts to share it; the other one disagrees with the video, wants to debate on it, and they would also repost to share it.

The young people portrayed in the video show passion as if they are in control over the world and their lives. However, in reality, most young people are confused and stressed. The passionate words in the video are not reflecting reality. Thus, controversies, debates, and discussions emerge.

Anne Li
Creative Group Head / We Are Social


Through the video, bilibili beautifully and respectfully captured young people's lifestyles with affection and sincerity, while cheering them up by demonstrating the changes of the new age, lead by the youth. I hope this kind of sincere conversation could encourage mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect between the two generations. Bilibili is so inspirational!