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What marketing trends can we expect in China in the Year of the Rat?

James Zhang

Group Account Director / We Are Social

Live-streaming, private traffic, and KOC have defined social media marketing in 2019. In 2020, with Generation Z and 5G-technology becoming more prominent, there will be more local brands competing directly with international brands through social media. E-commerce, E-commerce branding, smart chatbots, and better quality live-streaming are the upcoming trends that will disrupt social media marketing.

Sunny Zhu

Account Director/ We Are Social

For the year of the Rat, the most commonly seen marketing trend for brands is to co-branding with well-known rat IP, e.g. Disney's Micky Mouse, Jerry from <The Tom &Jerry> or even Chinese cartoon <Shuke and Beita>. However, to make the co-branding an award-winning case study, brands need to do more than just putting Rat IP's elements all over their product. The key to success is finding the appropriate communication angle that links two brands together, and start building the story.

Amber Yu

Account Director / We Are Social

我认为 2020 年鼠年,IP 运营和 IP 合作将成为最重要的营销趋势。IP 运营和 IP 合作可以建立一个消费者可以通过拟人化思考建立联结的形象,拉近与品牌的距离。比如 Burberry 在元旦期间推出的 TB 鼠形象就深受消费者的喜爱和接受,野兽派也和猫和老鼠、米奇做了 IP 合作。
I think IP operation and IP cooperation will become the most important marketing trend in the year of the Rat in 2020. IP operation and IP cooperation allow for a new image that consumers can connect with through anthropomorphic thinking, and bringing them closer to the brand. For example, the TB mouse image launched by Burberry during New Year is cherished and loved by consumers. The brand BEAST has previously worked with the characters Tom & Jerry and Mickey Mouse.

Dickens Dong

Account Director/ We Are Social

Douyin will be another e-commerce giant sharing Taobao's cake:
ByteDance now allows merchants to add mini-programs on Douyin and sell goods directly to its users. The integration of mini-program will boost Douyin's social e-commerce functions by providing users with a better shopping experience and making it become an all-in-one entertainment and shopping platform.

Jo Yang

Account Director/ We Are Social

Cost efficiency and Sales Conversion are the top trendy words in the marketing of FMCG brands during 2019. In 2020, we can expect brands will have more extreme requirements for the conversion efficiency of traffic. However, this does not mean the brand budget will be reduced, but instead, more budget will be invested in areas where output can be quantified. At the same time, it also requires agencies to have a deeper understanding of the brand business.