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Should brands run Christmas campaigns in China? Why/Why not?

Chris Gu

Senior Creative Director / We Are Social

I think making campaigns related to Christmas is necessary because, from a global perspective, the festive atmosphere of Christmas is stronger than during the Spring Festival in China. Brands can utilize a vast variety of iconic elements such as Santa Clause, Christmas trees, elk, Christmas gifts, snowman, etc, which can be extended through online, offline, O2O, and viral event marketing.

Heero Zhu

Creative Director / We Are Social

Besides popular shopping festivals such as Double 11, Double 12, and New Year’s Day which are grabbing Chinese consumers’ attention more and more; Christmas is without a doubt an important festival for brands to connect with. Brands have the chance to create scenes and scenarios related to Christmas that resonates with the consumers.

Rain Yang

Art Director / We Are Social

Although Christmas is not traditionally a Chinese festival, with time it has become important in the minds of Chinese consumers. Brand marketing built on festivals such as Christmas creates organic interest and traffic. It is easy to find touch-points that evokes emotional associations among the consumers, and they can easily have a sense of identity and resonance. Thus, Christmas is an indispensable marketing opportunity for brands to maintain and increase their traffic and strengthen its popularity in the minds of the consumers.

Candy Liu

Art Director / We Are Social

Festival-related content with its inherently emotional advantage will create stronger resonance among the consumers. Today, it is trendy to celebrate Christmas in China. People want to reward themselves when we reach the end of the year. Taking leverage of this festival through dedicated marketing campaigns will not only increase brand exposure but also improve product sales, thus making Christmas one of the most effective marketing/promotion periods. 

Halo Zhao

Senior Designer / We Are Social

Simply, Christmas will support brands by:
1) Culture sharing, and promoting harmonious exchange between different traditions, cultures, and backgrounds.
2) Opportunity to raise awareness of a traditional and fascinating lifestyle.
3) Great opportunity to improve brand exposure and increase market expansion.