Last week, we hosted an exclusive event at our office in London to launch our annual report, Think Forward, which uncovers some of the biggest trends in social set to impact brands in 2020.
上个星期,我们在伦敦办公室举办了一场独家活动,发布了我们的年度报告《 Think Forward》(《展望未来》Think Forward),该报告揭示了2020年社交语境中一些影响品牌发展的主要趋势。

This year, Think Forward examines how the new rules of the internet will make social media a safer, fairer place.

Law is finally coming to the wildlands of the internet. But it’s still a land of opportunity. It’s just time to get creative amid new constraints.

Historically, the internet has been a Wild West, exempt from the rules and restrictions of the physical world. But this culture of lawlessness – while seemingly liberating – isn’t without its consequences, from misinformation spreading like wildfire to teen mental health burnout.
长时间以来,互联网一直是一个不受物质世界的规则和限制所控制的荒原。 但这种看似自由的无规则文化产生了不乐观的后果——它野火般蔓延的错误信息引起了青少年的精神倦怠。

As a result, 2019 has seen the Wild West get a little less wild. Users, creators, platforms, authorities – all are creating new rules and laws to help mitigate some of the damage in a landscape that’s been too free for its own good. Amidst this clampdown, brands have to operate within a range of new constraints – some policed by the platforms, others by communities themselves.
因此,在2019年,互联网这片荒原更多地受到了规则限制。 用户、创作者、平台、机构——所有人都在创建新的规则与规范,以帮助过于宽松环境所带来的利益损害。 在这种情况下,品牌必须在一系列新的约束下运作——有些是平台监管,有些则是来自社区本身的制约。

In this year’s Think Forward, our fifth trends report to date, we examine how the new rules of the internet can inspire brands to break out of the status quo and engage with audiences in ways that respect this cultural shift. Below we’ve summarised each trend in brief, and you can see the full report here


Added Value

The internet has long been considered a Wild West for intellectual property rights. But in a maturing digital landscape, creators – and their content – are getting recognition.
长期以来,互联网一直存在知识产权的空白。 但是在日趋成熟的数字领域,创作者及其内容也正获得越来越多的认可。

Social Self-Care

Social was once a space for projecting and seeking validation. But in the wake of increased mental health awareness, people are taking a more measured approach to digital consumption.

Bad Influence

Influencers used to be beacons of authenticity, but being a content creator born on social media has lost its lo-fi sheen. As a result, there’s a growing backlash against influencer culture and the metrics that drive it.

Overt Privacy

People are sick of feeling surveilled. They’re taking control of their digital footprints – to hide from brands, platforms, and, increasingly, even their outer circles – and using more intimate social spaces.
人们受够了被监视的感觉。 他们隐藏自己在互联网上的踪迹,使用更加私密的社交空间来避免各种品牌、平台甚至来自外圈的监视。

Running Commentary

Social content is no longer all about brevity. In a maturing digital landscape, content and narratives across all platforms are growing longer and more complex.
社交的内容不再是简洁的了。 在日趋成熟的数字环境中,所有平台上的内容和叙述都变得越来越长、越来越复杂。

Cultural Crossfit

People have often been forced to engage with cultural interests in isolation. People are now more open to collaborations between brands and platforms, so they’re consuming culture in more fluid ways.
人们常常被迫孤立地参与文化活动。 但他们现在以更加开放的态度与品牌和平台进行协作,因此他们消费文化的方式也更加流畅灵活。

Read the Think Forward report in full, here: