I am delighted to share with you the details of a deal, announced in the past week to stock markets in China and the United States, that will build a tremendous platform for the future of our business and our client partners.


The transaction creates a new digital-first, integrated global advertising, marketing, and communications group to be named Blue Impact Communications Group (Blue Impact).

这项交易创造了数字行业的一个首例,也就是将全球广告业务、营销和通信集团合并,成立了一家名为 Blue Impact Communications Group (Blue Impact)的公司。

In the deal, Legacy Acquisition Corporation, a publicly-traded Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), is acquiring the agency assets of BlueFocus International, plus Madhouse. As you might know, We Are Social is wholly-owned by BlueFocus International, and hence this deal is an important milestone for us all.

在这项交易中,一家名为Legacy Acquisition Corporation的特殊目的收购公司将对蓝标国际和Madhouse的资产进行收购。如你所知,We Are Social是蓝标国际的全资子公司,因此这项交易对我们每个人来说都具有重要的里程碑意义。

At the close of the transaction, Legacy will change its legal name to Blue Impact. It is expected that Blue Impact will continue to trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

交易完成后,Legacy会更名为Blue Impact并将继续在纽约证券所交易。

This deal unlocks a huge potential to accelerate the growth of the business and better serve our clients with investments in talent and new services, including opportunistic acquisitions.


Each agency will continue to be led by its existing leadership, under their respective brands.


In total, Blue Impact will employ more than 2,300 people across 12 countries. It will be based in Mountain View, California.

Blue Impact未来将把总部设立于加利福尼亚州的山景城,公司版图覆盖12个国家拥有超过2300名员工。

Holly Zheng, currently CEO and President of our parent, Blue Focus International, will be Chairwoman of Blue Impact.

蓝标国际的CEO Holly Zheng 郑泓女士将担任Blue Impact的执行董事长。

Brett Marchand, currently CEO of Vision 7 and Executive Chairman of Cossette, will be CEO.

现任Vision 7的CEO和Cossette 执行主席Brett Marchand先生将担任CEO。

Legacy Acquisition Corporation spent 18 months, screening 370 opportunities, before deciding that this is the perfect opportunity to invest in a rapidly growing sector, digital marketing & communications, which is undergoing significant displacement.

Legacy Acquisition Corporation在持续了18个月的调研后,最终在370个投资机会中选择了正在快速增长的数字营销和通信行业,把此领域正在经历的巨大变革看作是绝佳的投资机会。

The deal is subject to various approvals and regulatory reviews, the timing of which is uncertain. We will have more news and details as the closing period progresses.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


- Pete Lin, North Asia Regional Managing Director