2019.3.12~13This was the fourth year in a row that Pete presented at China Connect, Paris. Pete and We Are Social broke down the intricacies of Chinese social media and offered up ideas on how to approach Chinese customers. This years’ speech was themed “The Social Experience” and involved Pete sharing his personal experience of working in Chinese social media. His speech consisted of:

  1. The complexity of the Chinese path to purchase
  2. Layers of WeChat influence
  3. Why Weibo is still a thing
  4. Douyin/Tik Tok and what to do about it
  5. European brands with a ton of sales and no China presence?

这已经是We Are Social北亚太区董事总经理林瀚斌先生作为嘉宾第四次参与China Connect,由他带领的We Are Social将会一一为你破解中国的社交媒体行业趋势,教你如何吸引中国人的目光。此次他以“The Social Experience”为主题,将自己近年关于社交媒体的使用与营销经验毫无保留地分享给了观众。演讲主要分为以下几个部分:

  1. 中国市场的复杂性
  2. 微信影响力的分级
  3. 为什么微博依然重要
  4. 抖音的利用
  5. 如何帮助欧洲品牌打开中国市场

What is China Connect?

China Connect Paris is the largest European gathering of experts on Chinese consumer trends, digital and mobile tech marketing. This unique event is reaching out to an audience of top level Western marketing and digital decision makers from the Luxury, Cosmetics, Fashion, Retail, FMCG, Food & Beverages, Automotive, Services, Travel, Retail, Data and Communication Industries.

China Connect Paris是欧洲规模最大的聚焦中国市场消费者趋势、数字与移动营销的行业大会。这一盛会吸引了西方奢侈品、化妆品、时尚、通讯、快销品等行业顶级数字营销和最具影响力的互联网专家齐聚巴黎,亲自教你如何赢取中国市场巨大商机。

9th edition – The Experience Economy

New Retail is one of China’s most talked about industries when it comes to highlighting the country’s technological innovations and uniqueness of scale. Its achievements and on-going forward-thinking concepts are redefining experiential marketing as the West knows it. A land of opportunities, embraced by the daring and quick to act, Chinese brands rose up are here to stay. But many more businesses are concerned.
If great customer experience is a global trend, it certainly is one Chinese consumers are offered and adopting in a unique way. One that only a service/solution driven innovation, delivered at low price and fast speed allows. Add to it richer, more well-travelled consumers and adoption can be massive for the most agile and daring brands. Indeed, as Ad Exec Rene Chen says: “Nothing is too crazy, too unusual or freaky. Creativity should be boundless. Open it up. The only style is endless changing”.
We’ll tackle what it takes to capture - thanks to AI and data - the Chinese consumer’s attention and desire, and generate preference and engagement through real and virtual experiences in a chaotic world.


如果客户体验是一全球营销趋势,这无疑是提供给中国消费者和让他们欣然接受的独特的方式。只有把服务、解决方案驱动的创新,低价和超音速物流交付整合在一个完美的生态系统中才能实现。再加上它赋予了乐观豁达、爱好旅行、生活富裕的消费者更强大的力量,对灵活、大胆的品牌来说,采用的可能性是巨大的。正如广告执行官Rene Chen所言:“没有什么是太疯狂、太不寻常或太怪异的。创造力应该是无限的。开启它。唯一的风格应该是无休止的变化”。