Hootsuite, the most widely used social media management platform, and We Are Social, the global socially-led creative agency, have released Digital in 2018, a report of social media and digital trends around the world. Representing 239 countries and territories, the seventh annual report finds the number of internet users in the world has now surpassed the 4 billion mark, putting more than half the global population online. Of that, social media brings nearly 3.2 billion active users online to connect with each other, consume media, interact with brands, and more.
HootSuite,应用最广泛的社交媒体管理平台,和We Are Social一起以社交为导向的全球创意机构,刚刚发布了2018年全球社交媒体与数字趋势报告Digital in 2018。覆盖239个国家和地区,这第七份年度报告发现,全球互联网用户已经超过了40亿大关。至此,超过一半的全球人口已经联网。其中,近32亿在线活跃用户在社交媒体上相互联系、使用媒体、与品牌互动等等。
The 2018 Key Findings Include:


◆ Internet user numbers increased 7 percent in the last 12 months to hit 4.021 billion, or 53 percent of the world’s population
◆ 互联网用户数在过去12个月中增长了7%,达到了40亿2100万,占世界人口的53%。
◇ Global social media usage has increased by 13 percent in the last 12 months, reaching 3.196 billion users
◇ 过去12个月中,全球社交媒体使用量增长了13%,用户总数达到31亿9600万。
◆ Mobile social media usage has increased by 14 percent year over year to 2.958 billion users, with 93 percent of social media users accessing social from mobile
◆ 移动社交媒体的使用量比去年增长了14%,用户数达到29亿5800万,其中93%的社交媒体用户通过手机访问社交网站。
◇ Internet users are projected to spend a combined total of 1 billion years online in 2018, of which 325 million years will be spent on social mediaThe report also found that global growth of the internet is propelling ecommerce forward, with 1.77 billion internet users purchasing consumer goods online in 2017, an increase of 8 percent compared to a year ago. Collectively, consumers spent a total of USD $1.474 trillion on ecommerce platforms in the past 12 months, 16 percent more than in 2016.
◇ 2018年,互联网用户预计总共在互联网上花费10亿年的时间,其中325万年时间被用在社交媒体上。报告还发现,全球互联网增长正在推动电子商务发展,2017年有17亿7000万的互联网用户在网上购买消费品,同比增长8%。在过去12个月里,消费者在电子商务平台上总共花费了1.474万亿美元,比2016增加了16%。
"With four billion people now online, connectivity is already a way of life for most of us. However, as internet companies strive to serve the next billion users, we'll see important changes in digital over the coming months. Audio-visual content will take priority over text - especially in social media and messaging apps - while voice commands and cameras will replace keyboards as our primary means of input. Social relationships and online communities will evolve to accommodate these new ways for people to interact with each other. This will result in rich new experiences for all of us, but businesses need to start preparing for these changes today," said Simon Kemp, Global Consultant, We Are Social.
“目前全球有四十亿人上网,社交已经成为我们大多数人的一种生活方式。然而,由于互联网公司力求为下一个十亿用户服务,我们将在未来几个月里看到数字领域的重要变化。视听内容将优先于文本内容——尤其是在社交媒体和通讯应用中,而语音命令和摄像机将取代键盘作为我们主要的输入手段。社会关系和在线社群将不断发展以适应这些新的沟通方式。这将会给我们每个人带来丰富的全新的体验,但企业需要从今天开始为这些变化做准备。” We Are Social的全球咨询顾问Simon Kemp说。
“The Digital in 2018 report highlights the continuing growth of the internet and social media to individuals and businesses around the world. This dynamic has forever altered the customer journey as consumers and B2B professionals increasingly conduct research, make buying decisions, seek support, and recommend brands online. To achieve competitive advantage, all executives must dive deep into digital now, meeting their customers where they are to best market, sell, and serve them,” said Penny Wilson, CMO, Hootsuite. 

“Digital in 2018报告强调了对全球的个人和企业而言互联网和社交媒体的持续增长。随着消费者和B2B专业人士越来越多地在线上进行调查、作出购买决定、寻求帮助和推荐品牌,这一动态趋势已经永久转变了消费者的购买过程。为了取得竞争优势,所有人员现在必须深入到数字领域中,在最佳市场遇见消费者,销售产品,并且服务顾客。”HootSuite的首席营销官Penny Wilson说。

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