Every once in a while, we create a piece of work that doesn’t make it into publication for one reason or another. Nonetheless, these are creations we love, and believe should see the light of day. So, we're going to share these gems in a new category called "PLAN B".

每隔一段时间,我们就会有一件从未向大众展示的作品。 然而,他们仍然是我们引以为傲的创作。我们把这些遗珠分了一个新的类别:PLAN B。

For our first PLAN B post, we present this beautifully crafted comic on “How to Play with Cats”. Originally intended to be published on WeChat, it features some fun interactions you can have with a feline. Grab one (carefully) and start with Novice level. See how far you get, and which one has you and your cat purring with delight.

请在 “吸猫取暖手册” 中查看这些精美的微信小贴士。 我们在小漫画中分享了一些有趣的互动。 从入门级开始,看看你的猫最爱哪一个。 小心上瘾哦!