On December 15, 2017, the LinkedIn Power Profiles China 2017 List was officially released.

Congratulations to Pete Lin, Managing Director of We Are Social China, on being selected!

2017年12月15日,领英最强档案(LinkedIn Power Profiles)中国区榜单发布。恭喜We Are Social大中华区董事总经理林瀚斌成功入选“最强档案”榜单。

The 2017 'LinkedIn Power Profiles' is designed to showcase the most-viewed user profiles based in China for the calendar year. There are 9 categories: CEO, Internet, High Tech, Venture Capital, Financial Investment, Strategic Consulting, Marketing PR, Human Resources and Cultural Entertainment. A total of 84 professionals were selected. The best Power Profile winners not only have great accomplishments in their respective fields, but also are adept at showing their professional identity and personal brand through LinkedIn.

“2017领英最强档案” 榜单旨在展示这一年中领英站内获得浏览次数最多的用户档案(仅覆盖大陆用户)。涵盖包括CEO,互联网,高科技,创业投资,金融投资,战略咨询,市场公关,⼈⼒资源和文化娱乐9个类别,共有84位职场人士入选。“最强档案”的得主不仅在各自的领域中有所建树,并且善于通过领英展示自己的职业身份和个人品牌。

Pete has 19 years of experience in digital marketing and has earned 2 MBAs: one from The Hass School of Business at UC Berkeley and another from Columbia Business School. He has been invited several times to be a speaker at China Connect, the number one digital marketing event in Europe.

作为We are social的大中华区的董事总经理,林瀚斌先生具有19年从事数字营销的丰富经验。除此之外,还同时拥有在世界享有盛誉的加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校哈斯商学院和哥伦比亚大学商学院的MBA学位。曾多次受邀成为欧洲第一的中国数字营销盛会China Connect的演讲嘉宾。

As we approach the end of the 2017, whether you are a high-achiever or are an enlightened sage, you can always improve your career. Learn from the leadership examples of "The Power Profiles". Follow We Are Social,learn more about social media trends and have a bright outlook for 2018!

临近年终,无论2017年的你,是雄心壮志的职场干将,还是一切随风的“佛系”职场人,相信在“最强档案”的带领下,你能走出一条不一样的职场之路。从现在开始,关注We Are Social了解更多社交媒体动态,展望2018吧!



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