We Are Social just won the Innovation Prize at the TopDigital Awards with not one, but THREE campaigns! 

We Are Social刚刚在数字创新峰会上赢得了创新大奖,在三场较量中均崭露头角。


This year, 472 agencies submitted a total of 2,358 works for the TopDigital awards. Talk about competition! But these three campaigns managed to stand out from the noise and win two special prizes for both of Acer’s campaigns #DareToBeSwift and #SpinMeToLife and another bronze award for #说好的2016# series of creative videos.

今年的数字创新峰会一共有472家公司提交了2358份文案,但说起这次竞争,We Are Social仍在三场比拼中,在各种质疑声与阻碍中脱颖而出:我们为Acer定制的#DareToBeSwift#SpinMeToLife两大活动获得了专项奖,而为中国民生银行拍摄的#说好的2016#系列创意视频则获得了铜奖!

Let's take a look at the awards ceremony!