Drumroll… We Are Social won the Asia-Pacific Excellence Award for Content Marketing on our #SpinMeToLife and #DareToBeSwift campaigns for Acer!

来来来,看这里!We Are Social凭借为Acer打造的SpinMeToLife和DareToBeSwift活动斩获Excellence Awards亚太区内容营销大奖!

The Excellence Awards have been celebrating the achievements of communications professionals for the past decade. The Awards are hosted by Communication Director, an internationally-focused magazine for corporate communications, PR, and public affairs. Celebrated in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa, and North America, each region has its own expert jury that carefully selects the nominees and the winners for each of the specialized categories.

在过去的十年中,Excellence Awards 都专注于表彰媒体广告业的成就。这项大奖由Communication Director主办,这是一本关注企业通讯、公关以及公众事务的国际性杂志。主办方将奖项设立在亚太区、拉丁美洲区、非洲区以及北美区,每个地区都有各自独立的专家评审团仔细慎重地挑选每个具体分类的提名和获奖者。

So what exactly did we do to win this award?


After unveiling the new Spin 7 & Swift 7 laptops at IFA 2016, the thinnest laptops in both the convertible and notebook segments, Acer approached We Are Social to create some branded content to promote the new product series. In response, We Are Social China developed #SpinMeToLife and #DareToBeSwift for the Spin and Swift series respectively.

在2016年的IFA(柏林国际电子消费品展览会)上,Acer推出了全新的Spin 7 和Swift 7 系列,是变形本和笔记本中的最轻薄产品。Acer找到了我们,希望能在线上宣传这两款新的笔记本系列。为此,We Are Social 分别设计了#SpinMeToLife和#DareToBeSwift两个活动。

These two campaigns were built on artistic collaborations between Acer and music producers, bands, dancers and stylish performers, creating an array of stunning video and music content.


#DareToBeSwift promoted the new ultra-slim Acer Swift 7, collaborating with world-class ballet dancers and performers from across the United States. We created 3 short films that showcase how the power, elegance, and flow of ballet dancers’ movements resonate with the features of the Acer Swift 7. The dynamic content that’s stunningly beautiful also leveraged impeccable authenticity that drove buzz in the ballet/dance scene, tying the elegance of ballet to Acer’s new Swift 7. Hyper-targeted ads to people involved in the dance scene even resulted in a quick and positive reaction from popular dance publications such as Dance Spirit and Dance Magazine. They sighed with relief that a brand actually worked with real dancers, unlike the much-hated Vogue ballet-themed campaign with Kendall Jenner last year.

DareToBeSwift是为Acer全新超薄的Swift 7 系列设计,与来自美国的世界级芭蕾舞者和表演家进行了合作宣传。我们拍摄了三条短片,展示了芭蕾舞者动作的力量,优雅和流动是如何与Swift 7 的特质相呼应的。动感绝妙的画面展示了芭蕾舞中能引起关注的无可挑剔的真实性,紧紧将芭蕾的优雅与Acer全新Swift 7 结合起来。明确定位到舞者的广告得到了著名舞蹈杂志,如《Dance Spirit》和《Dance Magazine》等的积极热烈的反应。他们如释重负,表示品牌应该与真正的舞者合作,而不是像Vogue去年饱受恶评的芭蕾主题的活动一样,和Kendall Jenner合作。

#SpinMeToLife promoted the Acer Spin 7 360-convertible laptop. We showed how this laptop suits creativity and flexibility for life on-the-go. We traveled with musical artists to London and let them create music with the Spin and launched video content about their journeys and creative processes. A video-storytelling approach involving real talent with real fans let viewers understand the key benefits of the Acer Spin 7 while leaving a strong emotional impression on them with the power of music. French house DJ Fred Falke, British vocalist Jake Isaac, and American Future Soul band Exmag all produced music for the campaign, which we hosted on Acer’s new Soundcloud account, which is new territory for the brand in terms of social platforms.

SpinMeToLife是为Acer360度反转的变形本Spin 7 设计,展示了变形本在路途中的创新性和灵活性。我们和音乐家们一路旅行到伦敦,让他们通过Spin 7 创作音乐以及上传旅途和创作中的视频花絮。一个能吸引到艺术家粉丝的叙事视频通过音乐的力量,在观众心里留下了关于Spin 7 的核心优势的强烈感情印象。法国House DJ Fred Fanlke,英国歌手Jake Isaac以及美国Future Soul乐队Exmag都为这个活动创作了音乐,并且上传到我们所创建管理的Acer的Soundcloud主页中,为品牌方在社交媒体上开辟了新的领域。

These final pieces from both campaigns were promoted on social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, as well as Soundcloud, where music produced from the #SpinMeToLife campaign was sponsored.


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