WE ARE SOCIAL 广告业务活动延伸到中东和北非

-By Robin Grant

The fast-growing Middle East and North Africa market is characterised by a population that is the youngest and most digitally connected in the world. In the Middle East and Africa annual digital spend is predicted to rise by 73% between 2017 - 2020 ($2.20bn - $3.81bn).  Which is why we are thrilled to now be partnering with Socialize – the Middle East’s largest social media agency, and now We Are Social’s first acquisition.

快速增长的中东和北非市场的特点是人口是世界上最年轻和最具数字化联系的。在中东和非洲,预计年度数字化媒体支出在2017年至2020年之间上涨73%(22亿至38.1亿美元)。这就是为什么我们很高兴现在与中东优质的社交媒体机构Socialize合作,完成We Are Social的第一笔收购。

Ever since Nathan and I founded We Are Social ten years ago, back in June 2008, it has been our ambition to be the world’s best socially-led creative agency. And over the years since, we have steadily built our international network of offices and attracted the world’s top talent and sharpest strategic thinkers to become so.

自十年前2008年6月,Nathan和我创立We Are Social以来,我们一直致力于成为以社交为导向的创意机构。多年以来,我们稳步建立了国际办公室网络,吸引了优秀人才和锐利的战略思想家。

With offices in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Munich, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing and Sydney, our footprint was already considerable. Now, however, it’s even stronger.


Socialize, based in Dubai, has a diverse, 40-strong team (most of whom you can see in the picture above!) and a reputation for excellence which has led to award-winning work for a large regional client base including Sony, General Mills, Mercedes-Benz, Bioderma and Singapore Tourism.


As exciting though, is the creative and cultural passion for social our businesses share, and the similarity of our respective entrepreneurial spirit and future-focussed offerings.


Now, by taking a majority stake in Socialize, We Are Social is extending its network to the Middle East and Africa.

现在,通过获得Socialize的多数股权,We Are Social将网络布局扩展到中东和非洲。

This alliance will bring our team to 700+ people working from 11 offices in 9 countries. And it will provide our global clients – top brands including adidas, Netflix, Samsung, Lavazza and Google – exceptional insight and unrivalled access to one of the world’s fast-growing and most dynamic geographic regions.

这个联盟将让我们的团队在9个国家11个办事处达到700多名员工。它将为我们的全球客户 - 包括阿迪达斯,Netflix,三星,Lavazza和Google等顶级品牌 - 提供卓越的洞察力,以无与伦比的速度成为速发展,具有活力的地理区。

Our acquisition of a majority stake in Socialize is, we hope, the first of many as we move We Are Social into the next phase of its development. This month of all months, however, it will also be a thrilling way to celebrate our tenth birthday. And I look forward to the new campaigns we will create, clients we will partner and alliances we will forge as we embark on our second decade in business.

我们收购Socialize,是我们将We Are Social 推向下一个发展阶段的第一步。然而,在所有月份的这个月,这也将是庆祝我们十周岁生日的一个激动人心的方式。我期待着我们将创建的新活动,我们将在我们开展第二个十年的业务时与我们合作的伙伴联盟。

So it just leaves me to say to the Socialize team, on behalf of everyone at We Are Social - welcome to the We Are Social family!

因此,我代表 We Are Social团队的每个人对Socialize团队说,欢迎来到We Are Social 这个大家庭!


Robin Grant is Global Managing Director and co-founder of We Are Social

Robin Grant-We Are Social的全球董事总经理和共同创始人