Along with immersing ourselves in exciting projects at We Are Social, let us reveal how fun and crazy we can get!

除了沉浸在We Are Social那些令人兴奋的项目中,顺便透露我们可以在这里收获多少有趣和疯狂的体验!

We celebrated We Are Social China’s 3rd year anniversary and Chinese New Year with a 4-day cruise to Fukuoka, Japan! From the open sea panoramas, to non-stop food, to great music, to our very own highly anticipated shows, and of course, drinking the night away. What a blast it was!

为了庆祝We Are Social大中华区的三周年以及新年,我们搭乘五天四夜的邮轮踏上日本福冈! 从开阔的海洋全景到不间断的食物、超嗨的音乐、再到我们自己翘首以盼的表演,喝上一整夜。 多棒的旅行啊!

More exciting moments of our annual party:


by Miles

During our CNY party, everyone not only received hongbaos, with the largest reaching 10,000 rmb, but there were so many other juicy prizes like an iPhone X, an incredible trip to Canada, and much more.

在我们自己的新年派对上,每个人不但收到了红包,最高达10000元,除了像iPhone X这样的大奖,还有令人难以置信的加拿大之旅以及更多礼品。