China Connect is the largest European gathering of experts on Chinese consumer trends, digital and mobile tech marketing. The most influential Chinese Internet players, Greater China and APAC based marketers will gather in Paris, and teach you how to sell globally to China’s increasingly tech savvy, travelled, and discerning consumers.China Connect是欧洲规模最大的聚焦中国市场消费者趋势、数字营销与移动营销的行业大会。明年的三月,中国最具影响力的互联网专家,大中华区和亚太地区的营销商们将齐聚巴黎,亲自教你如何赢取中国市场巨大商机。
This will be the third year in a row that Pete presents at China Connect, Paris. His last presentation in March 2017 focused on the theme of monetising anticipation, where he shared his decades of experience with the audience. His previous speech was divided into the sections: How anticipation generates higher ROI; Best B2B and B2C case studies such as Michael Phelps and beats; And We Are Social’s insightful Framework and Anticipation Toolkit. This year’s speech promises to be equally as informative.这已经是林瀚斌先生作为嘉宾参与的第三年,由他带领的We Are Social将会一一为你破解中国的社交媒体行业。去年三月,他以货币预测为主题,将自己几十年的经验毫无保留地分享给了观众。演讲主要分为以下几个部分:预期如何产生更高的投资回报,其中包括一些B2B和B2C的案例,和We Are Social的洞察力框架及预测工具包。今年的演讲也将同往常一样具有教育性。
Develop your expertise on China’s unique and ever-changing digital scene.发展您在中国独特且不断变化的数字场景中的专业知识。Connect with the most sought-after marketers in China, Europe and the US.与中国和欧美最受欢迎的营销专家联系。Explore new business opportunities with leading Chinese and China based digital/mobile and marketing/communication/media players.与领先的中国数字/移动和营销/通信/媒体人员一起探索新的商业机会。Get a fresh focus, strategic insights, key ideas and a new vision. Be inspired. Make your brand win.获得最新的重点,战略见解和愿景。 得到启发。 让您的品牌取胜。 
The 2018 Theme: China, The New World’s Inspiration2018主题:中国是新世界的灵感
From the AI “new frontier” push across a vast range of industries to the impact of KOLs unlike anything seen in the West; From new retail perspectives and mobile payment options to the rise of local brands and international leadership in bike-sharing; From smart cities to short videos, from e-sports to electric cars, China’s quickly evolving consumers and emerging digital power and ecosystems are exerting more and more influence on global strategies and innovation.
Looking forward to your attendance!  期待你的到来!