WeChat takes another step toward world domination by introducing <mini games> into their dominant instant messaging app. Similar to the previously released <mini programs>, these games can be instantly launched and played directly within WeChat without a separate app download.微信通过在其主导的即时通讯应用程序中引入了<小游戏>,迈向了风靡世界的又一步。与之前发布的<小程序>类似,这些游戏可以直接在微信中直接启动,无需再单独下载app。
Let’s take a look at <Tiao Yi Tiao> (essentially “jump” or “hop”), one of the mini games that saw overnight success throughout China upon launch:让我们来看看<跳一跳>(其实就是“点击跳跃”),这是一个在中国一夜成名的小游戏:
The object of the game is to accurately jump onto each successive platform. Tap and hold the screen to control how far you jump. The closer you land to the center of each platform, the more bonus points you get.游戏的目标是准确地跳到每个连续的方块上。点击并按住屏幕以控制你跳跃的距离。越接近每个方块的中心,你获得的奖励分数越多。
It's a simple game, addictive by itself, made more so by the personalized leaderboards WeChat offers. You can see just how much dexterity (or time) your friends have... in their hands.这是一个简单的游戏,本身就让人上瘾,而微信提供的个性化排行榜则更是如此。你可以看到你的朋友手中有多少时间…
WeChat recently released the <Tiao Yi Tiao> game along with additional user interface and experience updates. With version 6.6.1, you can now access your latest mini programs and games by pulling down on your chat list. It's more convenient for you and better exposure and re-engagement for them.微信最近发布的<跳一跳>游戏更新伴随着另加的用户界面,现在您可以通过下拉聊天列表来访问最新的小程序和游戏,更方便曝光和用它们二次互动。
In a mini game or mini program and don't know how to get out? Look for the dot on the top right. Tap to exit or tap and hold to quickly switch to another of your most recent programs.在小游戏或小程序中,不知道如何退出?找到右上角的点。点击退出或点击并按住可快速切换到另一个最近打开的程序。
WeChat is definitely bent on keeping you engaged and inside their application for as long as possible. The addition of mini games brings Tencent that much closer to that goal. Rumor has it Facebook has similar ambitions for their Messenger app. Stay tuned.微信肯定会尽可能地让你参与到内部的应用程序中。小游戏的加入让腾讯更加接近这一目标。有传闻说Facebook对他们的Messenger app有类似的野心。敬请关注。