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Imagine waking up one morning and finding your favourite movie and TV shows on your favourite streaming site have vanished! All that time invested in searching, watching and archiving. Poof. Gone.



A horror film of blockbuster proportions right?



That’s exactly what happened in July when popular video streaming site Bilibili, commonly referred to as Site B, deleted unlicensed content.



The Chinese government has increased its crackdown on piracy and cleaning up of the internet, including video streaming sites such as AC Fun, banning them outright from streaming video.

中国政府加大了打击盗版和清理互联网的力度,禁止盗版内容在媒体视频网站播放,包括像AC Fun这样的视频媒体网站。


To avoid any future nightmares, here is a comprehensive list of the state of video streaming websites in China, with some predictions on the how the industry may evolve:



Your Data is Out There


The cat and mouse game of blocking websites and the VPN technology that circumvents the blocking rages on.


For years China has being playing a game of catchup with VPN technology. However, recent government announcements that made all VPNs illegal, with even technology giant Apple removing VPN apps from its iTunes store in China, is the most severe the country’s netizens have seen.


The following article takes a different view about the advantages of a VPN. It is much more than gaining access to blocked websites. Much more than ensuring your privacy. The author contends it is the best way, maybe the only way in our digital world, to ensure your data’s security.


China’s insistence on censorship over security though, essentially banning VPNs, puts peoples’ data at risk.


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