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Creative inspiration selected by Dina Wang.





There are always puzzles and unsolvable questions in life.

The difficulty level spikes on the second last math question on a college entrance exam.

But when you're trying to solve that question, you can peek or double check your answer with someone else.

But how to answer these questions below?


For example:


What do I wear?


I only told you 12 times


First dress that you put on is still your best find 🎶


Do these jeans make me look fat?


I'm smart and that's a trap🎶


You ran out of your way to make that 'k' a lowercase?🎶

这部音乐短片由美国火爆男团Why Don't We制作,网红Logan Paul演唱。名为'Help Me,Help You'。一经推出,点击率十天内就在Youtube上突破千万。

The MV titled 'Help Me, Help You' by the hot US male band, Why Don't We, features Logan Paul.

Its YouTube views reached 10 million within 10 days of its launch!

毫不意外地,歌词是它最大的亮点,为什么衣服要试到天荒地老,明明只想听一个答案还要问我“我这样穿会不会显胖”……这些扎心的终极问题统统被Logan Paul编进了歌曲,和着轻快的节拍朗朗上口。 果然艺术来源于⽣生活。

Not surprisingly, the lyrics are the song's biggest selling point.

Why does one need to try on clothes from morning to night?

There's only one right answer, so what's the point of asking, 'Do I look fat in this?'

Logan Paul captures these real-life problems in a catchy tune with good rhythm.

🎶Baby girl when I ask you if there's a problem

Don't tell me you're fine

I know you're not fine

I just don't understand you

You steal the covers and then you want me to cuddle you

Are you hot or are you cold?

Don't ask me if I think another girl is cute

That's a loaded question🎶


There was a twist in the ending, and the comedic effect was great:

🎶-Okay, I get it!

-I completely get it!

Logan: Yeah? -Yeah!

-I mean you did this all for me?

Logan: I did! Yeah, the band was expensive

Logan: The helipads really expensive but...

Logan: I think it was definitely worth it

-Thanks babe!

Logan: Yeah! Of Course!

-I just um...I just have one more question...

Logan: Okay! Yeah!

-What do you really think about these jeans?

-I mean I didn't know when I was getting ready this morning

-That if I do it with a longer jacket?🎶

当big idea不再是创意的唯一模版,小洞察也能妙笔生花。


When the big idea is not based on just another creative template, small insights can blossom into amazing ideas.

Hope you'll enjoy this song too!


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