We Are Social由许多有才华和创意的员工组成。在这一集的“Creative Mix Tape”,我们的设计肉肉将用她的文字向你叙述有关手账的故事。

We Are Social is comprised of many talented creative individuals. In this episode of 'Creative Mix Tape', our designer Rou Rou will use her characters to tell you about handbookjournal.


I'm Rou Rou, a designer at We Are Social in Shanghai. As a designer, I am much more competent at drawing than speaking. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to share about my handbook/journal.



The reason I fell into this 'journal pit' was because of the attractiveness of its informality — writing, drawings, photos, notes, and any form of 'language' could be used to record the bits and pieces of life.



The first time I experienced using a handbook was when I was in school. It was a basic form of stationery that all students had, and we very reluctantly called it our 'schedule books'. 


As the online community for journaling grew, and with greater variety and different types of stationery, my journal began to become much more colorful and diverse. 




Different colored pens and stickers on paper collide to spark inspiration.

I believe the most compelling force that has drawn people into this journaling pit might actually be washi tape. With such pretty tapes, those who are not adept at drawing can still express their creativity and imagination through graphic designing on their journals.



From time to time, I pay attention to the interesting design ideas around me, and use them in my journal. Designing my journal is probably the most fun I get out of this.






The contents of my journal roughly include the following:

1. Planning (to-do lists, wish-lists, personal accounts)

2. Recording notes (from books, daily observations, diary, traveling)

3. Brainstorming


As a 'free-journal'-er, my journal mostly comprises the latter two.


I decorate it with stickers, ribbons or simple black and white sketches.



The process of journaling constantly improves my skills: color matching, illustrating, calligraphy and a little bit of hand-crafts.



The little snippets of my life recorded in my journal come together to form a bigger picture, and it reminds me of the blissful life I have.



I write my inner voice by my hand.