We Are Social has hired Kevin Gao as Creative Director for its new Beijing office. He joins from Epublic where he was Creative Director.

Gao has over 12 years experience in FMCG, electronics and automotive industries, working on high-profile brands such as BMW, Audi, Toyota, Samsung and HP.


In addition, he also has unique insights in marketing video games and electronic products.


"The development of the information age has made me realise that traditional media will soon be replaced by new media and social media will take over traditional advertising. We Are Social is the dynamic company that I have been looking for to call home. I am willing and ready to go through thick and thin with the agency in the days to come." Gao said.


Gao will report to Senior Creative Director Ying Chang to drive creative campaigns for clients such as Nestle, China Minsheng Banking Corporation and China Mobile's Migu.


Pete Lin, Managing Director of We Are Social China said: "Hiring Kevin is less like hiring a Creative Director and more like hiring an artist. With his rich industry experience and his top-notch aesthetic sense, Kevin gives us the necessary creative firepower to continue our expansion in Beijing."


We Are Social邀请到高鹏宇先生担任北京办公室的创意总监,他是Epublic的前创意总监。






高说:“信息时代的发展 ,使我认识到,传统媒体必将被新媒体取代,传统广告思路同样会被社交媒体更替,We Are Social 这个很有活力的公司正是我要找的归宿,所以在未来的日子里,我愿意与它荣辱与共。”




We Are Social 大中华区总经理林瀚斌先生说:“随着高鹏宇先生加入的时间越来越久,我想我请到的不是一位创意总监,倒更像一位艺术家。他行业经验丰富,艺术审美一流,是我们壮大北京市场不可或缺的中坚力量。”