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Revealing best kept secrets that a Google and Baidu search won't provide. The adventure series of 'My Hometown' continues!




我是Pauline, We Are Social上海公司的客户经理。在这期My Hometown系列, 来跟你们聊聊我家台南。


台南, 是台湾历史最悠久的城市, 从17世纪以来历经荷兰, 明郑, 清朝, 日本...殖民过, 在这个城市各处留下许多痕迹与记忆, 也让这座城市变的沉稳, 不急不徐, 生活在这里慢慢感受着时光流淌, 总是有种岁月静好的感动。


I'm Pauline, an Account Manager at We Are Social in Shanghai. This week, I'll be sharing about my hometown, Tainan.


Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. Since the 17th century, it has experienced the colonization of the Netherlands, Ming Zheng, the Qing Dynasty, Japan...


In the nooks and crannies of the city, you'll find traces of its rich history laden with immortal memories. But its complicated past has also shaped the city into what it is today. Feel the flow of time and the quiet passing of years as you immerse yourself in the calm vibes and slow-paced life of this city.

长大后离开台南好一段时间, 再回到台南发现有群人, 对这城市的热爱, 悄悄的为他加入新的元素,  变得更加迷人, 吸引着来自各地的旅人也让本地人更加喜欢自己生活的所在。


老屋新力就是其中一项迷人的点, 尊重这城市的记忆, 为他带入新生命, 老屋可用他原本的样貌, 乘载着新一世代的美好, 每次回台南都喜欢着散步在大街小巷, 期待着发现新的惊喜与故事。


When I got older, I left Tainan for some time before returning to find it more charming than ever. Passionate dwellers quietly exerted a positive influence on the city, adding new elements that have attracted travellers from all over the world.


The old houses are some of the city's charming features. Its original form respects the city's old memories, brings new life and carries the next generation of goodness. Every time I'm back in Tainan, I like to walk along the streets and look forward to discover new surprises and stories.


  1. 两俩

在小巷子里, 看似一般的老民宅, 挂上一块小招牌“两俩”, 推开门迎面而来的各个生活感的精心摆设都让人觉得惬意。一楼是艺文展场, 不定期的展出国内外的艺术品, 二楼是咖啡店, 当午后的阳光洒入, 吹着微风, 一壶茶跟手作蛋糕, 满是属于自己的幸福感。


  1. Liang Liang

Inside the alley, on the white brick walls of a seemingly ordinary old residence, hangs a small sign "两俩" (meaning 'a pair' ). Open the door and be welcomed by elaborate furnishings that bring a sense of comfort. On the first floor is an art exhibition where local art is displayed from time to time. Climbing up to the second floor, you'll find a cafe, a perfect place to chill with the sparkling afternoon sun rays shining in and cool, gentle breeze. With a pot of tea and a homemade slice of cake on one hand, you'll be basking in bliss.

老板是一对年轻小夫妻, 不甘处在同一个状态里太久, 想要做点改变, 喜欢上台南信义街的质朴与纯粹, 决定选择这里作为梦想基地, 除了在台南过生活, 学设计的老板更希望带来更多艺术与美感。


The owners are a young couple. Unwilling to stay in the city for too long, they wanted to do something else for a change. They liked the Xinyi Street for its simplicity and purity and decided set up their dream here. Besides living in Tainan, the young boss who studies design wants to bring more art and beauty to this place.



  1. H.G 好挤

有着可爱的名字, 听老板说之前他们是从一间小小的设计文具店开始的, 店面很窄又很挤, 就有了好挤这个名字。 新开了餐厅虽然已经不挤了, 继续延用这个名字给人一种熙攘热闹的感觉。 用黑白磁砖与原木组成的风格, 重新解构老屋的内部, 设计感浓厚。扑鼻而来的面包香, 坚持现烤, 用柴火, 窑烧的面包, 搭配新鲜的食材, 供应着整天的元气。


  1. H.G Good Squeeze

Cute name right? I heard from the boss that they used to be a small stationery design shop. The shop used to be very narrow and squeezy, hence the name. Now the newly opened restaurant isn't as squeezy anymore, but they keep the name to give a feeling of hustling and bustling. With black and white tiles exuding style, this shop has been reconstructed from an old house and now has great interior design. The smell of bread wafts into your nostrils, together with firewood and other fresh ingredients. It's sure to refresh you for the day!

  1. KoKoni cafe

也是迷路无数回后找到的 (虽然身为台南人, 但在错综复杂的小巷弄里, 路痴的潜能还是会被激发出来), 洁白的墙面, 略显斑驳的粉色的木门, 内部挑高的屋顶,大片落地窗让整个空间明亮起来, 踩在复古的花砖上, 尝着招牌饭团 啜饮着煎茶, 再来一份每天限量的波霸奶茶松饼或宇治金时抹茶系列, 觉得一切都太美好。


  1. KoKoni cafe

I also found this place by chance when I got lost (although I'm a Tainan local, I still get lost in the complex alleys sometimes). While walls, slightly mottled pink wooden doors, high ceilings, large windows to make the place feel brighter, retro tiles. Have bite into some rice balls, sip some tea, and then try their limited edition milk tea muffins or their Uji matcha series. Everything is just so good!

  1. 富贵冰淇淋

位于新美街上, 这条街在清朝时就相当热闹, 以为的名字分别是前段的米街,中段的抽签巷,还有后段的帆寮街,听起来让人对以往的样貌有无限想像, 现在已经变成居民区, 偶然在小巷弄中会找到一些小惊喜,还有间冰淇淋店隐藏其中。坚持严选食材下去制作,不使用香料以及色素, 老板说他用爱打造一间梦想中的店, 用真心做出吃进口中的冰淇淋,只要一个瞬间,这简单的美好,就是富贵。


  1. Rich Ice Cream

Ice cream on Xinmei street! This street was a lively area during the Qing Dynasty. The front portion of the street is called Mi street, the middle is a "Ballot" lane, and the last portion is the "Sail" street. Isn't it so full of imagination? Now it has become a residential area, where you will find an occasional pleasant surprise in an alley - a hidden ice cream shop! Adhering to strict rules of food production, no flavourings or pigments are used. This ice cream shop is the shop of his dreams for the owner, and he uses all his love to make his ice cream. Just a moment in this simple and wonderful shop will make you feel fulfilled.

口味很新奇丰富不定期变换, 像是玉女奶茶, 高山乌龙茶柠檬, 番茄养乐多, 百香果绿茶台啤..., 每次夏天很热就想到富贵来一支冰淇淋。


The ice cream flavours are both novel and rich, and they change from time to time. There's jade milk tea, oolong lemon tea, tomato yakult, passion fruit green tea…exactly what you would crave for on a hot summer day.


  1. 国华街 西市场

日治时期就存在的的西市场, 还保有传统的样貌, 现在是美食最密集的聚集地, 有几十年老店也有现代感的小店, 每一家都好好吃恨不得自己有无限大的胃, 下面这四家是我最喜欢的。


  1. Guohua Street West Market

Remnents of the Japanese rule can be felt in the West Market, and it has even retained its original appearance. Now, this is the place where various types of food meet. There are old shops that are decades old and also newer, more modern shops too. Every shop has its specialties to satisfy your stomach. The following four are my favourite!


  1. 凰商号

以凤梨为主题的小店,这杯凤梨冰茶适用台湾本地产的金钻17号凤梨熬煮4.5小时,仅加入冰糖提升风味, 保留着凤梨果肉,附上一片柠檬片,清爽的口感,


  1. Phoenix Firm

The theme of this little shop is pineapples. This cup of pineapple iced tea is made from Taiwan's very own "Jin Zuan" No. 17 pineapples and boiled for 4.5 hours. Rock sugar is added to taste. The pineapple pulp is kept in the drink and it's finished with a touch of lemon slices. Refreshing!

  1. 郑记土魠鱼羹

80年老店, 土魠鱼炸过把鲜味锁在里面, 再放进咸中带甜的羹汤里, 让鱼块外表吸满汤汁,  是台南经典美食之一。


  1. "Zheng Ji Tu" Fish Soup

Now this is an 80-year-old shop. The fish is fried to perfection, locking its flavor in. Then it's combined with the sweet and salty soup. It's a classic Tainan cuisine.

  1. 江水号

有八十年历史的老冰店, 80年來料都是手工现做现煮, 老板料给的超大方, 甜度也很刚好, 小时候的味道一直没有变过。


  1. "Water from the Stream"

This shaved ice shop has eight decades of history! For 80 years, ingredients are home made from scratch and cooked to order.  The boss prepares generous servings of ingredients and the level of sweetness is perfect. The taste has not changed since my childhood years.

  1. Chun纯薏仁。甜点。

原本我有点怕薏仁的味道, 但纯薏仁完全颠覆了对薏仁的印象, 炖的软透的薏仁, 口感圆滑温顺,单吃就非常好吃, 搭配炖煮到绵密软烂却保留颗粒感的万丹红豆, 薏仁跟红豆搭起来根本绝配。


  1. "Chun" Pure Barley Dessert

Usually, I stray away from barley, but the pure barley in this dessert completely subverted my initial impression of the barley taste. Stewed to perfection, the smooth texture and docile taste of the barely and chewy red beans create the ideal and most delicious dessert!

在台南还有很多值得探索的好吃好玩的地方, 来台南, 就随性漫游吧, 跟着在地人的节奏走入这城市巷弄, 用心感受这老灵魂的脉动, 发现属于自己的惊喜。


There are lots of other interesting eats and fun places to explore in Tainan. Roam among nature and follow the rhythm and pace of the people who stroll the streets and lanes of this city. Feel the pulse of the old soul and you'll definitely find something that'll pleasantly surprise you.