Let’s start with the basics: I’m Stein, and I’m a Communications Strategist here at We Are Social in Shanghai. I’m from a town you have likely never heard of, located at a 40-minute drive outside of Oslo in the Eastern part of Norway.

我先来自我介绍一下:我是Stein,是We Are Social上海公司的交流策略师。我来自一个你可能从来没有听说过的小镇,坐落在挪威东部, 距离奥斯陆有40分钟车程。

I have, over the past weeks, read some of colleagues attempts to give you “off the beaten path” tips to their home towns. Common guys... Paris, HK, Sao Paulo and Warsaw...? They hardly have any sights not visited by millions of tourists every year.


But fear not, it’s now time to take a trip into the true unknown. I hope you are now ready to go where tourist have never gone before. I’m giving you…



“What? Where?”, you might say. Exactly…


“什么? 在哪里?”相信这是你,听到这个地名的时候第一反应。

Needless to say, this is the town where nothing is in any tourist book. The town itself is hardly mentioned. You might say it’s a hipster traveler’s paradise (no one says that).

这个地方你很难在一些旅行书上看得到,可以说几乎没有。 在我看来,这是一个潮人旅行者的天堂。


To further illustrate what I mean, here is Lonely Planet’s introduction to Drammen:

"Drammen is an industrial center of more interest to businesspeople than tourists. With heavy port machinery and factories, it hardly jumps out at you as being worth a stop..."



Ok ok... I can imagine you’re not exactly buzzing with excitement right now but it’s actually not that bad.



Despite a long history of being an industrial working class city, things have changed. Over the past few decades, Drammen has made substantial investments in developing the city and its surrounding areas, actually making it a cozy little town.

尽管工业阶级城市的历史悠久,这个镇也有变化。 在过去的几十年里,德拉门市为发展城市及周边地区做出了巨大的投资,现在已经一个舒适的小镇。

Ok, enough with the history lesson, let’s get into some of the things you can do if you ever find yourself in the unlikely scenario of being in Drammen.

好, 历史课也教够了。现在可以科普一下,如果你在德拉门,可以玩写什么。

Spiralen (The Spiral螺旋) 

This is the place to go for a good view, or if you feel like hiking in the woods (or skiing during winter). The most exciting thing about it might be how to get there. At the mountain side there is a car tunnel taking you to the top, the special thing about it is that it takes you six times around its own axis, so it’s basically just one long left turn all the way to the top. Pretty neat, huh? When you finally get (slightly dizzy) to the top you can get a good view of the valley, the fjord, and the city below. There is also a small café if you’d like a beer or a coffee while enjoying the view. If you feel like exploring more of the wilderness, there is plenty of tracks that can take you further into the woods and a few small lakes. In winter, most of these tracks are made in to skiing trails making it an ideal spot if you’re into cross country skiing.

要看美景就要到这里,或者如果你喜欢在森林里徒步,这也是个好地方。(冬季滑雪也可到这儿)。 最令人兴奋的是到达那里的方式。 在山边,有一个汽车隧道带你到顶部,特殊之处在于你会旋转它的轴六次,基本上就是继续左转一直到顶部。 蛮酷的吧 !当你终于(轻微的头晕)到达山顶,你可以看到谷,峡湾和下面的小镇 。 如果你在享受景致的同时还要喝啤酒或咖啡,还有一间小咖啡厅。 如果你想要探索更多的旷野,有很多轨道可以让你进一步进入树林和一些小湖泊。 在冬季,大多数这些轨道都是制作滑雪道,使其成为越野滑雪的理想场所。


Norway’s oldest brewery

Aass – yeah that’s right, Aass Brewery. Depending on your maturity level, having an Aass beer selfie might be worth the trip in itself. Despite the somewhat weird sounding name, it’s actually Norway’s oldest active brewery. It’s been around for generations and has a strong standing in the local community. The production still takes place in the same spot as it did at the very start over 180 years ago, so the walls are filled with brewing history. Pro tip: if you’re going as a group, give them a call in advance to arrange a private tasting tour.


Aass - 是的,它的确称为Aass 啤酒厂。取决于你的成熟度,能和Aass啤酒自拍可能会让你一切的旅行值得了。尽管名字有点奇怪,实际上它是挪威最古老的活跃啤酒厂。它已经存在了几代人,并在当地社区拥有强大的地位。生产仍然在180年前的一开始就发生在同一个地方,所以这个地方充满了酿造历史。专业提示:如果您是一个团体,请提前致电电话,安排私人旅游和品尝。

Good ol’ Aass Brewery.


Kjøsterudjuvet (The Kjøsterud Gorge)

This Gorge is hidden away in the hillside on the north side of the valley – a 10-minute drive or a bit longer walk from downtown.  The best time to go is in the summer when the water flow in the stream is not too large. This way you can get all the way to the top without getting completely soaked. When you get to the top I recommend taking a dip in the small lake, or simply enjoying the view and the nature. If you’re the lazy kind, sometimes the ski lift in the nearby ski slope will be running and you can take it all the way to the top. But where’s the fun in that?



Get ready for some climbing!


Down by the River

My last tip would simply be to chill by the riverbank. Most of the area by the river has been turned into a greenery area, making it an ideal spot for a picnic. If you like a bit more of an urban feel, then head up to the old paper mill (Papirbredden). It now houses one of the coolest concert venues in town (Union Scene) and the area around has multiple bars and restaurants with a river view. It’s great for grabbing a bite and a beer and just enjoying the small town life.


最后一个提示就是在河岸享受大自然。河流大部分地区已经转到绿化地区,成为野餐的理想场所。如果你喜欢一点城市的感觉,那就去老造纸厂(Papirbredden)。它现在是镇上最酷的音乐厅之一(Union Scene),周边地区有多个酒吧和餐厅,享有河景。吃一口、喝一杯啤酒,只要享受小镇生活就好了。

The green areas by the riverbank are the perfect spot for chilling on a sunny day.

如果阳光灿烂的日子里想找个好地方休息,河岸的绿地就是你所找的的地方。  The “Papirbredden” area is a nice spot to enjoy an Aass beer in the sun.


“Union Scene” hosts both local and international names.

《Union Scene》有主持本地和国际艺术家。

So that’s it, my guide to my dear Drammen. If you find yourself in Norway for the first time, there are definitely more famous and maybe more worth things to see. But if you, for some reason, find yourself in a part of the woods, these tips will let you experience the city as a true local.