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Revealing best kept secrets that a Google and Baidu search won't provide. The adventure series of 'My Hometown' continues!



From chaotic traffic to charming night cityscape. From awesome sophistication to simple pleasures of life. São Paulo can be pricy or cheap, loud and quiet, rich or popular but never boring.


I’m a Freelance Art Director at WeAreSocial by day and Shanghai wanderer by night. @georgelobo. Just came back from a trip to Brazil in January, so I’m fresh as a daisy. São Paulo is famous for its snack food, as well as for the haute cuisine, but let’s focus on the raw deals.




  1. Pastel de Feira (Street Market Snack)

If you’re lucky enough to stumble on street market, ask for a PASTEL (pah-is-tell). They come in many flavours and sizes, but the shape is almost the same. Personal recommendations: carne moida, pizza, escarola com queijo and chicken with cheese, if you feeling brave, also try the KIBE (queue-bee). It’s basically minced beef put together and fried. Pairs perfectly with CALDO DE CANA (sugar cane juice).

Address: R. Major Quedinho near R. Santo Antônio


如果你足够幸运,遇到了街头市场,就去问一下有没有PASTEL(pah-is-tell)。 它们有许多口味和大小,但形状几乎相同。 个人建议:卡内莫比达,比萨饼,埃斯卡罗拉咖喱鸡和奶酪,如果你觉得自己足够勇敢,尝试一下KIBE( queue-bee)。它基本上是将剁碎的牛肉放在一起炸, 与卡尔多德加纳(甘蔗汁)搭配最佳。

地址: R. Major Quedinho near R. Santo Antônio



  1. Acarajé

For a good deal on this traditional snack from Bahia, try Rota do Acarajé. I myself cannot even explain how tasty this is. It comes in two temperatures: spicy and normal. A good local beer should do the pairing, otherwise ask for a good cachaça (sugar cane baijou) recommendation.

Address: Rua Martim Francisco 529/533, Santa Cecília, São Paulo-SP



如果想要品尝来自巴伊亚的正宗传统小吃,请尝试Rota doAcarajé。 我自己都无法说清它到底有多么美味。 它有两个辣度:辣和正常。 吃的时候,搭配美味的当地啤酒就不错,如果没有,那么就点一杯卡萨莎甘蔗酒吧。

地址: Rua Martim Francisco 529/533, Santa Cecília, São Paulo-SP


3.Sanduíche de Pernil do Bar Estadão (Pork Steak Sandwich)


Forget about American Hamburger! This is how Brazilians roll. Whether it’s during lunch, at the end of the day, in the dead of the night or in the early dawn after clubbing, this sandwich is the ultimate icon of the São Paulo underground culture.

Address: Viaduto Nove de Julho, 193

Price: $$


  1. 猪排牛排三明治

把美国汉堡包忘掉吧! 这就是真正的巴西三明治! 不管是在午餐时间,一天结束,夜幕降临或黎明之后,这个三明治就是圣保罗地下文化的终极标志。

地址:Viaduto Nove de Julho,193


4.Drosofila Bar

For something else than that Brazilian feeling, try this lounge recently relocated to some Old House in the downtown area. Owned by a Brazilian Lady & a Kiwi Teacher, this is a charming escape from the noisy and common bars for the customer seeking something more exotic.

Address: Viaduto Nove de Julho, 193


  1. Drosofila酒吧


地址:Viaduto Nove de Julho,193



5.Rua Augusta

You will find many bars on this street, but the one I recommend you the most for a RAW street feeling is called Ibotirama. No pretentious, not less, not more. Ask for beer brands as SERRAMALTE or ORIGINAL. French Fries, Fried Sausage, Fried Provolone are available as snacks might you need it.

Address: Rua Augusta 1236, near Rua Fernando de Albuquerque


  1. 奥古斯塔街

你会在这条街上找到很多酒吧,但是我最推荐的一家叫做Ibotirama。在这里,你可以体验圣保罗最原始的街道感觉,不过于浮夸也不过于低调,刚刚好。你一定要尝尝这里的两种啤酒:SERRAMALTE或ORIGINAL。 你也可以点些小吃,比如炸薯条、炸香肠和油炸波萝伏洛干酪。

地址:Rua Augusta 1236,靠近Rua Fernando de Albuquerque



6.Bar Veloso

If you’re in São Paulo, but wanna know what traditional brazilian bars in Rio look like, try this one. To be honest is a bit pricier than the average, but for a quick in and out, try the coxinhas and a caipirinha (traditional) or ref fruits.

Address: R. Conceição Veloso, 54


  1. Veloso酒吧

如果你人在圣保罗,但是又想了解里约的巴西传统酒吧,就一定要试试这家。 说实话,这里比一般的酒吧有点贵,但如果你想要试一顿快餐,就尝试一下炸鸡肉包、凯匹林纳鸡尾酒(传统版)和一种红色坚果吧。

地址:R. Conceição Veloso,54