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Project ‘Big Bend’ Redefines Architectural Rules

“Big Bend”项目重新定义建筑法则

Creative inspiration selected by Kelly Li.


Agencies are creative. Architects are creative. By definition, creativity is the act of making or producing something which did not exist before.
Oiio Studio recently unveiled their latest architectural plans, project ‘Big Bend’ - a U-shaped structure, stretching across Manhattan’s skyline.




Oiio Studio最近公布了他们最新的建筑计划,叫作“Big Bend”。它是一个U形结构的建筑,在曼哈顿的天际线中肆意舒展。


Burj Khalifa currently holds the record for ‘tallest’ building at 2,722 feet. Shanghai Tower and Abraj Al-Bait Tower leading behind at 2,073 and 1,972 feet, respectively.




At 4,000 feet, the ‘Big Bend’ won’t be the world’s tallest, but the world’s ‘longest.’

Outsmarting the system - take that Manhattan height limitation law! :P


Making ferris wheels look like a thing of past, the elevators will travel vertically and horizontally in loops, going over and under the building.


Still merely in the ideation phase, the folks at Oiio headquarters are seeking investors to fund their project. Fingers crossed their cool structure comes to life.



建成后总长为4000英尺的“Big Bend”将不是世界上最高的建筑,而是世界上最长的。

曼哈顿地区有建筑高度的限制,而“Big Bend”用智慧完美地遵守了这个规则。


“Big Bend”里的电梯既能垂直移动,也能水平移动,在大楼各个角落尽情穿梭,



虽然“Big Bend” 还在构想阶段,但Oiio总部的人已经在寻求投资者来资助他们的项目,希望能将这个酷炫的项目投入现实。


All in all, creativity is a process… it takes time and work. People don’t sit down and spit out good ideas… not most of the time, at least. It involves research, forcing yourself to evaluate why you think a certain way and persuading others to agree with you. Tedious hours of thought processing, but the end result is well worth it.


Think outside the box. Look at things from a new angle.

If you can’t be tallest building, be the longest.