We Are Social由许多有才华和创意的员工组成。在这一集的“Creative Mix Tape”,我们精明的文案Savy将与你分享她双手真正的用处...


We Are Social is comprised of many talented creative individuals. In this episode of "Creative Mix Tape”, our savvy copywriter Savy will share with you what her hands were really made for…




World of Warcraft. Hardcore Gamer. Copywriter. And... a Female?






I’m Savy, a humble copywriter who doesn’t delight in an expensive lifestyle. I was once a geeky teen girl addicted to World of Warcraft (WoW). Now? I’ve matured into a young lady. But I am still a gamer at heart.


My hands have written copy that has touched more than 10 000 people. These same hands have thrashed players with more than 10 000 critical damage. It’s hard to say which is more addictive. But to be really honest, killing an enemy in seconds is much more satisfying. (I hope my boss doesn’t read this.) Recalling my career in WoW, I was a mage for 2 years and a druid for another 5. In PvE (Player vs Environment), the highest rank I ever achieved was top 200 worldwide! That’s enough to brag about for the rest of my life.



WoW has given me a lot of inspiration. Whenever I run out of creative juice, I always manage to get some ideas from playing WoW. I say this without any exaggeration - you could be addicted to gaming, but as long as you're open to new experiences and love engaging in critical thinking, you'll be rewarded with an abundance of knowledge and insights. It's not much different from reading countless books and watching endless movies.




I created two characters in WoW: a female mage and night elf druid; both were my alter egos. Savy the Mage is a gallivanter, really popular, loves collecting cosplay outfits, and also a magnate who once monopolized the entire server’s auction house.  As for the beautiful Night Elf Druid, she’s the most powerful druid on the entire server! She’s calm, loves studying new combat strategies, enjoys self-growth and is an independent problem solver.








Playing games is superficial? Well, it doesn’t always have to be.


WoW empowered me as a female.


In a game where the ratio of males to females is 9:1, it’s very challenging for females to gain the respect that we deserve. But you can fight really hard and then slap them in the face with your winning score! Gaining respect, becoming the core member and growing together with your team is a really memorable and heartening process.





WoW also developed my curiosity.


In-game exploration exposed me to new sights and maps. This piqued my interest to find out about these locations in reality. In WoW, your alliance leader allocates game currency after a mission, but I always felt it wasn’t fair. So I read up about societal behaviour to find ways on how I could be allocated more gold. I also wondered about the history of the druid, why the beach of Gadgetzan is salty, why the highest rank for the orc was the Commander but for humans it was the Marshal, what are the effects of time-travel on the Earth and so on… Curiosity led me to search for answers, and in the process, I gained a deeper love for life. 







Thank you Blizzard, for putting serious effort into developing such a great game and creating this scientific and logical universe with intricate details down to each strand of fur, the story behind each NPC (Non Player Character), and a unique language for these creatures… I dream that one day I’d be able to create a world of my own that houses a variety of characters and a place of endless adventure.


It has been 3 years since I have been AFK (Away From Keyboard). Looking back on my WoW days, it’s really just as NetEase wrote for the WoW slogan - we have one more world than the rest.


For the Alliance!