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If I tell you: baguette, croissant, macarons… What would you be thinking about ?



Really? Okay let me help you out a little. How about... Edith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre…?

YES we are talking about France!




Today, I’m going to bring you a slice of France (a slice of… Paris, to be more precise) to our lovely Shanghai. Not that I’m missing it but… yeah, I do miss my baguette and my cheese! Oh, I almost forget to introduce myself. I’m Kevin from Paris, and I’m interning here at We Are Social China!

今天,我将为我们可爱的上海带来关于法国的简短介绍(更确切地说是关于巴黎)。并不是说我很想家…但我承认,我确实想念我的法棍和奶酪!噢对了!差点忘了告诉你们,我是来自巴黎的Kevin,现在在We Are Social 的上海分部实习!

Like any other major city, Paris can sometimes give you the feeling of being on your own, albeit in a nice way. A good way to start your day is to start with a typical French breakfast. There are cafés at almost every corner so can just grab a coffee anywhere, and get a croissant or a pain au chocolat at the nearby boulangerie! Or you can just go simple with half a baguette and a big spread of salted butter.



Now that you got all that energy, why not have a walk along the Canal St Martin? Located in northeastern Paris, the 15th-century Canal is a great area to drift into the relaxing weekend. The area is filled with some of the city’s best restaurants and shops. Head to the Comptoir General to grab a drink and chill!


现在你已经吃饱喝足,精力满满,为什么不到圣马丁运河边走一走呢?这个于 15世纪贯通的运河位于巴黎东北部,是周末休闲的好地方!那里有全巴黎最好的餐厅和商店!

快去Comptoir General 来杯饮料和Chill冰纯酒!



One of my favorite places to hang out when I’m hungry is the Marché des Enfants Rouges, one of the oldest covered markets in Paris. Here, you can have a wide range of food coming from all over the world, from Mediterranean to East Asian and to North African cuisine. The food and atmosphere are just great!


当我饿了的时候,我最喜欢和朋友去的地方是Marché des Enfants Rouges,巴黎历史最悠久的有顶棚的市场。为什么呢?因为在那里你可以找到全世界各种各样的食物,从地中海区域到东亚再到北非,应有尽有。食物和环境都一级棒!

Paris is stunning during the daytime, but once the sun’s gone, the city is even more mesmerizing. There are many ways to spend a night out in Paris. Some people like clubbing, some others feel like drinking along the Seine. However, one place that is worth a visit is la Bellevilloise. Located in the Ménilmontant Neighborhood, this place is a bar, a restaurant, a club AND an exhibition place. Pretty nice eh?

巴黎在白天已经令人惊艳,但一旦太阳消失,这个城市更加迷人。在巴黎度过一个晚上有很多好玩的活动。有些人喜欢棍棒,还有些人喜欢再Seine河边喝酒。不过,真的值得一游的地方就是Bellevilloise了。位于Ménilmontant邻里,这个地方是个酒吧,餐厅,俱乐部和展览场所。 很酷吧!

All in all, Paris is probably one of the most charming cities around because it’s a city with a real history, but above all, it’s a truly feast for all the senses! The typical Haussmannian buildings are grandiose and I just can’t keep my eyes off of them. Make sure not to miss out on these places the next time you visit Paris!