Revealing best kept secrets that a Google and Baidu search won't provide. The adventure series of 'My Hometown' continues!


Hi! My name is Miriam and I’m a Communication Specialist here at We Are Social Shanghai. I’ve been in China for a few years now, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my hometown from time to time. Although I wasn’t born there, I’ve spent most of my life in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

大家好,我是Miriam,目前是We Are Social的一名Communication Specialist。我已经在中国呆了好几年了,但我有时还是会怀念我的家乡。虽然我没有出生在华沙,但我大部分时间都呆在那儿,波兰的首都。

If you ever visit my city, you’ll probably stumble upon the monuments of Frederic Chopin, Marie Curie and Copernicus. Yes, they were all Polish! But the city has so much more to offer. I highly recommend you plan your trip to Poland in spring or summer for the best, and warmest, experience. Let me tell you why……



Polish winters are famous for being long and very cold (temperatures can drop to -20 degrees!). The harsh weather starts in November and often lasts until the end of March. After months of hibernating at home and reducing our outdoor activities to a bare minimum, we can’t wait for the first rays of sun. For the whole winter, we’ve been dreaming of spring and here it comes again.


When the night falls:


Once we notice that the snow is melting, we are up and planning what to do and where to go! Because spring in Warsaw means beer gardens, open-air cinemas, pop-up bars, and youngsters flocking to Vistula's banks right in the heart of the city. Interesting fact: Vistula is Europe's last river that flows "wildly" right through the city center. Cool, right?!




This part of the city is called Powiśle (literally near-the-Vistula) and it's one of my favorite spots too. Vistula’s banks are also one of the very few spots where you can actually bring your own beer and drink it. This is in accordance to the latest decision of the Supreme Court. You see – Polish people literally fought and won for their right to party. Drinking in public is mostly prohibited in Poland , so if you get spotted outside of the designed areas, you can be fined. Don’t do that!

这是华沙的波维斯勒,在维斯瓦河附近,是我最喜欢去的地方之一。维斯瓦河畔是少数几个你能带上自己的啤酒再坐下来品尝的地方,这可是波兰最高法院的裁决。你看吧,波兰人民真的会为自己开 派对的权利奋斗并取得胜利。波兰是不允许在公开场合喝酒的,所以如果你在规定场合以外的地方被目击喝酒,是会被罚款的!千万不要尝试哦!

After visiting the Old Town, Copernicus Science Centre or Lazienki Park, which are all located next to the river, go and explore the famous Vistula boulevards and enjoy the sunset with the National Stadium majestically sitting on the other side of the river. Or, if you feel wild, cross the river and find a nice spot on one of the artificial beaches of Praga – one of the most intriguing and former disreputable districts. But this is another story!