The We Are Social China team embodies diversity.

We Are Social 中国办公室是一个多样性的大家庭。


#FunFact: Did you know that we house more than SIX nationalities in our office?!

#有趣的事实:你知道吗?We Are Social中国办公室有来自超过6个国家的同事。


In our new series, My Hometown, we’ll reveal some interesting insider info about our team members’ hometowns that a simple Google search (or Baidu for that matter) won’t provide. ;)

新一期的主题:我的家乡。接下来,我们将会分享关于We Are Social成员家乡的一些有趣信息,这可不是你能在谷歌或者百度上随便搜到的。


Buckle your seat belts! First stop,






Hi, I’m Curie! I’m an undergrad from the National University of Singapore and also an intern here at We Are Social China. If you’re thinking why my name looks so peculiar, it’s because I’m not actually a Singaporean by race... but I was born and raised there so I’m a total Singaporean at heart.

大家好,我是Curie,是新加坡国立大学的一名学生,同时也是We Are Social中国办公室的一名实习生。你可能觉得我的名字有点特别,这是因为我不是一个真正的新加坡人……,但是,我从出生就一直生活在这里。所以,在我心里,我就是一个十足的新加坡人。


If you don’t know much about Singapore, it’s a tiny tropical island at the tip of Southeast Asia. We experience the sweltering heat of summer all year round –something I never thought I’d miss but actually do – but that also means longer daylight. And more sun = more fun! P.S. We also enjoy nightlife. Singapore is one of those cities that never sleep.



When I talk about home, what I really wanna talk about is our food. Singapore is a tiny country, but when it comes to food (supper culture is HUGE), we will travel to the ends of our island to get the best of a single dish. I think the coolest thing about Singapore is that everybody has a common understanding of finding the best dish. Forget tourist site recommendations, it’s better to ask a local! Want some BBQ sambal stingray? Go to Chomp Chomp in Serangoon. Craving some Bak Chor Mee? Everybody knows Bedok 85.

谈起新加坡,我更想跟大家谈论的是我们的美食。新加坡是一个小国,但提起美食(晚餐文化是极其重要的),我们会专门来到岛的末端,只为了一顿最美味的佳肴。我觉得最了不起的,就是新加坡人对寻找美食达成了共识。如果你来新加坡,不要去浏览那些旅游网页,最好的方式就是向当地人打听。想吃烧烤吗?那就去ChompChomp。吃完烧烤再来碗肉矬面?Bedok 85,新加坡人都知道。


Food picture incoming...


I gaurantee, if you show that to any Singaporean here, you’ll make them homesick.



We’re all foodies and it’s a Singaporean thing to see millenials taking photos of our food before we eat - gotta do it for the Instagram! I guess you could say we’re obssessed with social media, especially Instagram (of course I have to talk about this on a We Are Social post). Touristy spots will do the job for Insta-worthy places in Singapore, but those can’t beat the heartland gems that probably only the locals know.



Tiong Bahru, Haji Lane, lalang fields in Punggol, Nanayang Technological University’s “dimsum” building... but enough listing, in Singaporean terms, “no pic no talk”!



Haji Lane


Nanyang Technological University


Lalang field in Punggol



To be honest, even I haven’t explored all these places yet. And the absurdity of it is that it’s so easy to get around tiny Singapore. Maybe I took “home” for granted and never truly experienced its beauty until I went away, so I’m going to visit all these Insta gems when I’m back! And get a pretty Insta feed while I’m at it ;)




If you happen to make a trip to Singapore some time, make sure to visit these places! You can stop by our We Are Social Singapore office too.

如果你什么时候想去新加坡旅游的话,记得去看看我刚刚推荐的这些地方哦!当然你也可以去We Are Social新加坡办公室转转。



Whose hometown do you want to hear about next? Comment below!



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