We Are Social is comprised of many talented creative individuals. In our new series "Creative Mix Tape”, you will find out more about our hidden passions. We believe you will be inspired. This episode our designer Candy will talk about how she found dance...

We Are Social由许多有才华和创意的员工组成。在我们的新系列“Creative Mix Tape”,你会发现我们的秘密爱好,相信你会得到启发。这一集我们的设计师Candy会谈谈她如何爱上舞蹈...

A Twist of Fate: From Dancer to Designer


I’m Candy. As a child, I had all sorts of ambitions. I wanted to be a doctor, but gave it up after being traumatized after being forced to get a vaccine injection; I wanted to be a singer – that is, if not for my music teacher who disappointed me; I even wanted to be a spy, but ditched that in the end too because I was afraid I might die young. But becoming a dancer, now that’s something that I can share a little more about...



Falling in love with dance was kind of accidental. Back from where I came from, each school would organise an art or literary related event at the end of December. My teacher gave me no other choice but to participate just to fill up the numbers. Who would’ve known that ever since, I would become a loyal member of the dance team.

Most of the time we were exposed to ethnic dance, but because of this, I began to like things related to these ethnicities. Different ethnic dances can show off each tribe’s unique culture and style, such as the fine silverware from the Miao tribe, the delicate dyed weaves from the Li tribe, and the bold and unrestrained Tibetan clothing.




I’ve been rambling.  For those who have read up till here, thumbs up for your patience! You might be curious, how did I suddenly end up as a designer instead? Well, I’d attribute it to (blame it on) my desk partner - a girl who liked to draw. I was influenced by her and my interest in drawing began to grow. We even became “ghost artists” for our classmates! If you wanted our help, you’d need to treat us snacks first.


I started drawing comics to create a journal of my life. One day my teacher saw my comics and told me, “You draw quite well, come learn from me! At least it’ll help with the university entrance exams."


As it turned out, the determined me decided to give up dance for drawing.

And I owe it all to the teacher.




Also, I wrote this article using Photoshop. Designers scorn software with zero difficulty level like Word.