Walking in the We Are Social Shanghai offices for the first time is like walking straight into a cloud: the hustle and bustle of the city shuts off, and a sense of serenity almost creeps up on you…until a short legged, tail waggling bundle of love.

Doctor, the office dog, greets you every day like he hasn’t seen you for about three centuries… only to forget about you when someone else walks past with food.
Up on the third floors lies the Throne, where Pete, the quiet force of the office, presides over the building. Lurking over work-related WeChat groups, he doesn’t need to scream to get his voice heard; you’ll know to fear him when you notification “Pete Lin mentioned you in a group chat” pops on your screen.He’ll know how to make up for the pressure by buying beers, and giving advice on how to survive in the cruel world of social media marketing.

The old wooden floors and bare bricks set the tone for this one of a kind office: A French Concession Era three story building, jam-packed with history and what real estate promoters would qualify as “cozy”. This means small, by the way.

That yelling upstairs? Oh that’s just Donald. He’s been here since 6:30am, on the phone with whoever is up already, working on pitch decks while rummaging through the cardboard box of snack he ordered the day before.Yes, he does all of these things at the same time.

Since I’ve started working at We Are Social a few months ago, space was plentiful: enough room to spread out and not be knocking each other’s laptop screens.Today, we’re packing up for a brand new office in the former British Concession reducing the chances of expensive, screen related injuries. And giving room for the multiple characters of the office to express themselves to the fullest.

They say luck favors the bold. I’m not sure lucky we are, but we sure are bold.